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Your Time is NOW!

on March 12, 2012


In my albeit limited and non-scientific research I have found two kinds of blogs written by queen-size women.  The first and typically the more humourous of the two aims to tell you that you need to celebrate your size and that we should all gain weight and revel in it.  While I can appreciate the message of acceptance and the bolstering of self-esteem one must admit that excessive weight can lead to a number of health concerns and limits one’s ability to live in the mainstream world – movie theatre seats are only so big after all.  The second of the two is unintentionally funny with women describing and analyzing every morsel they put in their mouths and worrying about whether or not that stray, dusty Tic Tac they dug out of the bottom of their purse in a desperate moment of hunger brought on by extreme dieting and self-restraint will cause a fluctuation in the  numbers on the bathroom scale. Or better yet they actually calculate how many hours on the treadmill will be required to burn off said Tic Tac.

So I offer you a third alternative.  Let’s not talk about pounds lost and gained or magical quick fix diets that are akin to starvation. Let’s talk about getting healthy and eating well without beating ourselves up for the odd treat and let’s live our lives without waiting for that magical day when we will be thin and all will be well with the world.  As one average-sized friend pointed out to me many years ago -” life isn’t perfect just because you’re thin”.

There is also the issue that many products are just not made for big girls or are not easy to find.  Last year I wanted to buy a pair of snowshoes, but any I could find would only hold 150 pounds all in.  I think it’s safe to say that with clothing and gear or even without I’m way over the 150 mark. I understand economies of scale and that it just isn’t prudent for many businesses to offer product lines that fit everyone, but perhaps we can find some that offer special orders or businesses which cater specifically to women of size.   So if you are looking for something like a step ladder, exercise equipment or some sexy unmentionables let me know and hopefully we can source out what we need and avoid those retailers who simply cannot deliver suitable product.

– the Goddess


One response to “Your Time is NOW!

  1. kim says:

    Sing it sistar!!! 😀

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