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Walking in Circles

on April 8, 2012

Walking is good for us. It is an effective cardio workout if done at a fast enough pace, they tell me it stimulates circulation, helps tone muscles and probably does a whole lot of other things. . .too bad it’s so freaking boring.

A couple years ago I got up to walking 10km in a stretch.  I have a friend who is a great inspiration having lost a significant amount of weight in the last few years, she is an avid walker and exercises several times a week.  In fact after our last 10km walk she walked me to my front door where I was groaning and moaning as my legs felt like jelly that was not quite set and after making sure I was settled she announced that she was going home because she needed to exercise.  No, she was not kidding.

Anyway, back to the boring part.  I just cannot get excited about walking.  I’ve tried walking with friends, programming my favourite upbeat songs on my iPod to keep me motivated, and driving around my neighbourhood looking for interesting routes. I can tell you that a straight 2.5km walk down my street will get you to a Baskin Robbins and another 2.5km past that will get you to a McDonalds    and none of it has inspired so much as a stroll.  I tried mall walking with a friend once, but that too left me underwhelmed.

Another issue I have with walking is measuring my walk.  I have driven around and roughly measured out distances using the car’s odometer, but I’d like to know the distance I’ve actually travelled.  I have tried a few different pedometers, but I have had difficulty making them work effectively.  A tip for those of us with more ample waistlines, most pedometers seem to work on hip rotation so while our thinner counterparts can clip them pretty much anywhere on their waistbands we need to move them farther out, closer to our hips to make them actually register.  I learned this little trick after walking for 20 minutes and finding that my pedometer registered 46 steps.

I bought a nifty pedometer at the grocery store a couple of years ago that was about the size of a credit card, only a little thicker and it promised to tell me how many steps and how far and it would tell me the time and all I had to do was guesstimate the length of my stride.  Ok, not perfect, but good enough.  It didn’t clip anyway, rather you kept it in your pocket.  Again great since the traditional pedometers never clipped on particularly well and I was always afraid I’d drop it in the toilet or lose it on the street.  Unfortunately it kept turning itself off and resetting.  So not only was it a crappy pedometer, but I couldn’t even use it as a timepiece.  I understand now there are apps for one’s phones and I know that at least one of the sports shoe companies had shoes with chips in them to monitor distances walked, but given the amount of dusty exercise equipment in my basement it seems such investments would be good money after bad.

Now it’s possible that walking is just not my thang and will always be boring for me, but I will keep trying.  I’ve decided to start walking to specific places with goals in mind instead of trying to log a specific number of steps or kilometres.  If I have an appointment in my neighbourhood I’m going to walk, if I need a bank machine I will try to find one within walking distance and I will park farther away when shopping.  It’s not much, but it’s a start.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “Walking in Circles

  1. GG says:

    Every little bit helps. Many people don’t believe if you start parking at the farthest end of the parking lot and walking every single it actually makes a difference. But it does. It becomes a habit…a positive habit. Take the stairs not the elevator. Sounds like you’ve come up with other inventive ways to get a few more steps in every day. Keep it up.

  2. I am the opposite. I love to walk. I would happily spend a day just walking with no destination in mind. It is pretty much my favourite thing to do. My idea of a perfect vacation is just wandering around a new city.

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