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How Does the Goddess Rate?

on April 19, 2012

One reason to start this blog was to rate and review products for Queen or King sized people.  So first up I’ve dug into my exercise DVD collection and have decided to review them here to help you make informed choices before spending your money.  Sounds like a good start since I’ve managed to spend quite a bit over the last few years on DVD’s, some of which are good, some not-so-much and some, sadly, are still wrapped in plastic.

But then the question of how to measure or compare them arises.  I could get all fancy and create some multi-axis rating system, but let’s keep it simple.  Products will get a score out of 10 goddesses. I will also give commentary, but just to be clear one goddess is very bad, ten goddesses is super duper with sprinkles.

I don’t have a goddess image or picture to fully illustrate the number of goddesses something is assigned, though I hope to one day. For now, however,  I will refer you to this woman’s website because I’m loving her sculptures.  And quick note I do not know this person nor do I endorse their products in anyway, but I really like the pics.

– the Goddess


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