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Adam’s Ale

on April 25, 2012

I don’t drink enough water.

Actually I don’t take in enough fluids in general as I am often thirsty and apparently this is a bad thing, a really bad thing.

I used to drink diet coke.  I used to drink vast quantities of diet coke and diet drinks in general, but diet coke was my drug of choice.  It was more interesting than water, contained a good dose of caffeine which until I dealt with my sleep issues was necessary for me just to function at a basic level, and it had zero calories.  Friends and family were on me for years to cut back on pop saying that it was bad for me, but they didn’t seem to know why exactly.  There was no point in giving it up for another carbonated beverage if the bubbles were the issue and there was no incentive in trading up for another artificially sweetened beverage if that was the issue so in my characteristic defiant way I continued to drink diet coke.  I drank it with a lot of ice, but I was still consuming a large volume of diet coke each day.  At one point about a year ago I tried to stop drinking diet coke because I realized that I was actually “fixing” it.  Every time I left the house I immediately went to the drive thru and I always seemed to have a pop in my hand, wherever I went.  I took a break, but I couldn’t function as I was so dependent on the caffeine that I couldn’t stay alert without it.  Then news reports started popping up about possible links between diet pop and weight gain and I decided that whether or not this was actually true (some reports I’ve seen indicate that the experimental design was flawed) I did not wish to take a chance that pop might actually be contributing to my weight problem.  So New Year’s Eve I gave it up for good.  (That’s a little lie as driving back from Florida in January I got car sick and bought a diet coke to settle my tummy, but after a couple of sips I tossed it out and my boyfriend promised he wouldn’t tell anyone, so that secret is in the vault.)

Aqua, agua, the universal solvent, Adam’s Ale call it what you like it is probably the best beverage for all of us.  Boring maybe, but the health benefits abound.  When dehydrated I get headaches, I feel sluggish and my skin is so dry right now that I can’t ignore that it’s probably related.  All I have to do now is get more water into my diet.  I’m thinking of buying a very pretty water bottle that will make me want to carry it around, I’m going to add drink eight 8 oz glasses of water to my daily “do it now” list, and if need be I’m going to buy some nifty stickers to put in my date book as rewards for getting all my water in.  Silly?  Perhaps.  Childish?  Maybe.  But hey if a Spongebob Square Pants sticker in my date book will get me on the track to better health well so be it.

– the Goddess


One response to “Adam’s Ale

  1. ivygrrrl says:

    I reallly need to drink more water too! I have a water bottle that I carry around religiously, so there’s no excuse for being dehydrated (and I definitely am), except that I don’t get thirsty enough to actually drink it. At least I know it’s there so when I do get thirsty, I have water with me at all times. I’ve also been trying to keep a glass by the sink so that whenever I find myself in the kitchen, I will pour myself a glass of water and drink it. Adding lemon or lime juice helps with the boredom of it all, and I also love adding pure unsweetened cranberry juice to it sometimes. Water itself is pretty blah, but you can jazz it up a bit for sure. You might even want to get some Perrier or Pellegrino water if you miss the bubbles. 🙂

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