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The Water Experiment Part One

on May 12, 2012

I’ve managed to waste an ungodly amount of time on Pinterest of late.  Don’t ask me why, but the silly thing is hugely addictive.  As I meandered through the pins of others I came across a few pins which were about flavoured water, more specifically one making tap water more palatable by adding various fruits, veggies and herbs.  So the scientist in me started to experiment.

So far I’ve bought key limes (at Walmart, go figure), oranges, lemons, ginger root, lemon grass, a mix of frozen fruit and a mix of tropical frozen fruit.  I haven’t bought any herbs yet, but some suggestions include mint – not a personal favourite, but  in the spirit of experimentation I will try it – rosemary, and basil if memory serves.  So far I’ve used a glass pitcher which holds exactly 4 cups or 1 litre of water which seems to work reasonably well, and last night while grocery shopping I found a plastic pitcher that has a tube for ice cubes, but also a second tube for infusing your water.  So I will need to give that a whirl.

My first attempt was key lime water.  For those unfamiliar with key limes they are smaller limes about the size of a large gum ball. I think they are supposed more yellow, but the ones I picked up on Thursday just look like baby limes.   So probably a regular lime is a fine substitute.  I took 4 key limes, cut them in 6 wedges each and put them in the bottom of my glass pitcher.  I then poured 4 cups of tap water over them, covered the jug with plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge.  Two hours later when my friend Jo came for dinner we tried it and there was a faint taste of lime, but nothing terribly exciting.  When I tried it 4 hours later (the limes were in the water a total of 6 hours) the water had a more distinct lime flavour, but was bitter from the skins. Some of the suggestions for flavoured water recommended leaving the various flavouring agents in the water overnight, but I would definitely not recommend this for citrus.

Now if I was truly being scientific I would try this experiment several more times to assess the exact perfect timing to make lime water while avoiding the bitterness.  But let’s just go with – don’t be leaving the lime zest in the water too long.

For my next experiment I peeled a one inch piece of ginger root and cut it into 4 or 5 smaller chunks and placed them in the pitcher, to that I added  two key limes cut into quarters, and squeezed them into the pitcher and then placed the lime quarters in the pitcher.  I covered this with 4 cups of tap water and left it in the fridge for approximately two hours. The result was a cloudy water due to the lime juice, but really quite tasty as the ginger was a nice compliment to the lime.  I drank all 4 cups in about 20 minutes.  As a follow up I fished out the lime quarters and left the ginger in the pitcher.  I covered it with another 4 cups of tap water and I have left it over night.  The goal is to see what happens to ginger and whether or not there will be any bitterness.  I will try this this morning and will let you know how it goes in The Water Experiment Part Two.

Happy experimenting!

– the Goddess


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