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My Bucket List

on May 27, 2012

A week ago today my older brother had a heart attack.  He is recovering well, but certainly such an event forces one to consider her own mortality and save for his smoking my brother and I could be twins so time to step up the healthy eating and exercise even more and to start accomplishing the things that are in the back of my mind.

First though a word about bucket lists.  I took a look around the interwebs and found a number of self help/self awakening type websites with example bucket lists and two things sprang to mind.  One that a lot of these people have confused a bucket list with a list of goals and two that for some people their wishes were things I’d already experienced or accomplished and I realized how fortunate I am and have been in my life.

My definition of a bucket list is a list of accomplishments or experiences that are one-time or once-in-a-lifetime events.  A few lists I saw included things like becoming a vegan or drinking 8 glasses of water daily or keeping their house clean. . .these are goals.  These are things which can be accomplished in a specific period of time – like today I will eat vegan and drink lots of water, but it’s not finite, it’s not something I can tick off my list for good, rather it’s something I can tick off for today, but tomorrow I might fill up on bacon and beer and then I guess I have to re-write my bucket list.

As for feeling very fortunate in life I was a little surprised to see that a number of people had items on their lists like fly first class in an airplane or travel to Disney World or ride a roller coaster.  I had accomplished all of these things by the age of 14.  It was another good reminder that not everyone has had the good fortune to live a life like mine or be afforded the opportunities I have had like attending university and graduate school, backpacking in Europe or owning my home and perhaps the exercise of writing a bucket list should not be just about the wants and the will dos, but also about reflecting on and appreciating the number of experiences we’ve had.

So here is my bucket list.  The items are in no particular order, but all are things I’d like to accomplish sooner rather than later:

– Become a mother

– Finish a marathon

– Finish a triathalon

– Visit every Canadian province – 5/10

– Visit every American state – 14/50

– Visit every European country – 4/52

– Make a documentary

– Write a screenplay that gets made into a film

– Learn to rollerskate

– Learn to swim

– Become a yoga instructor

– Publish a book

– Own a farm

– Go to Disneyland

– Read all the books in my bookcase as of May 27, 2012

– Bungee jump

– Skydive

– Ride every roller coaster in US and Canada

– Spend a month in India

– Build my own home

– White water rafting

– Learn to fly a plane

– Learn to sail

– Learn to golf

– Learn to speak French, Italian and Spanish

– Learn to play the guitar

– Learn to play the piano

– Learn to belly dance and become an instructor

– Drive a Nascar

– Ride a horse

– Visit a volcano

– Learn Sign Language

– Visit Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania

– Ride on a motorcycle

– Travel from the top of North America to the tip of South America and see everything in between

– Live in Greece for a month

– Go polar bear watching

– Learn survivalist skills

– Build a house with Habitat for Humanity – Completed October 21, 2013

I will likely add to this list as time goes on, but it’s a good start.  Now to work on a list of goals like improving my sense of worth and drinking my water, and working on the little steps that will make the items on this bucket list come true like saving up some money for all that travel and finally signing up for swimming lessons so that I can participate in a triathalon.  I hope this inspires you to write your own bucket list and to consider and appreciate all of the accomplishments you’ve already realized.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “My Bucket List

  1. Well, I am in for sailing lessons and travelling to Canadian provinces and making a documentary, so if you need a partner in those particular endeavours let me know. You are on your own with the marathon and horseback riding though. They have sailing lessons at a place out by me on one of the little lakes around here.

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