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Random Thoughts on a Random Thursday

on June 14, 2012
  • I finally found wrist guards that fit me.  Of course while shopping for them yesterday I asked the clerk if they sold roller skates as well as roller blades and he told me no there was no market for them that they were pretty much obsolete.  Then he looked at me and thought for a moment and said he had heard that some women were starting to take up roller derby.  I said “Apparently so.” and grinned.
  • I was talking to someone today about staring down skinny people at the gym.  I said “I’m pretty shy, but give me a once over in a gym and I will eat you for lunch.”  Next time I think I should choose my words more carefully <grin>
  • I’ve been experimenting with making iced Chai concentrate as a replacement for iced coffee or pop.  I will soon share my recipe.  It does have sugar, but frankly I don’t think sugar is nearly the enemy that artificial sweeteners are.  I may also play with honey and agave syrup and see if I can replace the brown sugar with something a little more natural at least.
  • I had my make up done at Sephora yesterday and looked and felt like a million bucks when I saw myself. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little pick me up.

– the Goddess



One response to “Random Thoughts on a Random Thursday

  1. ivygrrrl says:

    Nothing like a few pick me ups to make you feel better! Your chai tea sounds yummy, I’d go with honey for the win! It’s nutritious!

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