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Gimme Eight 8oz Cups Please

on June 18, 2012

I love iced coffee. I don’t like coffee or hot beverages, but an ice cold iced coffee with lots of milk and sugar is a little piece of heaven. Last summer a certain large fast food chain offered large drinks including iced coffee for the bargain price of one dollar. I went and got one almost every day after work and slurped up 190 calories of sweet, creamy, coffee goodness. Then this summer they did something sneaky. They priced the small and medium iced coffees at one dollar and the large remained regular price. A medium iced coffee is not enough, I need the large, but it’s nearly two dollars, if I’m going to spend two dollars I should get two mediums. I couldn’t find the calorie count on the medium iced coffee, but the small is 120 calories so let’s guesstimate it’s around 150 calories. Now I am getting approximately 300 calories instead of 190 calories and all I really wanted was a little more iced coffee.  With this in mind, let’s talk pop ban in NYC.

When I first heard about the ban I thought it was a joke.  Any fat girl knows to order two drinks to make it appear that all that take out is not just for her, so imposing a pop ban is just ridiculous.  If I want a  large 64oz super duper sized mega soda I will just order eight 8oz sodas and I will likely end up drinking more pop and taking in more calories and carbonation than I wanted.  It might be inconvenient, since those take out drink trays always tip over on the passenger seat, but I’m going to get what I want.  Or I can go to any market, buy a two litre torpedo of pop, a bag of ice and a  thermal cup with a straw and no one will ever be the wiser.  Plus no peace officer is going to arrest someone for drinking too much pop.  They have actual crimes to solve.

Those who wish to ban large pop cups and large pop servings have their hearts in the right place.  People are fatter than ever before and we continue to get fatter and we are surrounded by foods rich in sugar and fat.  We also sit in front of the TV and the computer and our work stations for hours and fail to burn off the calories we ingest.  But a pop ban makes about as much sense as banning a couch because we might sit on it too long.

Studies show that kids are more receptive to advertisements that show them all the fun stuff they can do like roller blade, and play football and run track if they don’t smoke as opposed to telling them that smoking is evil and they will die a horrible death one day.  They are teenagers, they don’t think past the end of the day never mind twenty or thirty years from now, but show them that smoking will cause them to suck wind while their friends skate on by and they might take notice. Instead of banning pop then I would suggest that the lawmakers put their efforts towards educational campaigns which teach kids about healthy eating and appropriate food choices so that they won’t want the big pop and they won’t consider ordering several small ones to get their fix.  Plus placing a ban on something tends to make it more desirable, at least to me.  If bans like this one are enforced I for one will be opening a speak easy in my basement, and for the record, I don’t even like regular pop.

– the Goddess


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