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No really the garden shears attacked me. . .

on June 20, 2012

Today’s post is not for the faint of heart.  Last night I finally got the Sears rep to come and set up my A/C installation.  He’d been at my house about five minutes when I went to open the patio door for him to survey the backyard for a location for the unit and I lacerated my right middle toe.  No I don’t commonly use the word laceration, but when I went to the emergency department they kept referring to me as the toe laceration.  I will tell you what I did, but that’s not really the point of today’s post, but I will get to that in a minute as well.

So first the laceration part.  I am finally doing some work on my postage stamp backyard and one of the things I bought recently was a bench/storage box for my gardening tools which otherwise float around my basement or my front hall closet.  Since the bench is still in the packaging and I’ve been working on the backyard my tools and a mish mash of flower pots and containers are sitting just inside the patio door.  In what can only be called a freak accident as I heaved the door back, the rubber handle of my extremely sharp, long and pointy garden shears caught on the glass door and rammed the closed blades into my foot.  I didn’t even see it happen as there was a flower pot in front of them so it was like a stealth attack.  For a second I didn’t realize what had happened until there was blood everywhere and I could see the “meat” of my toe and turned to Dave the A/C man and said I was in trouble.  I asked for my cell phone and some paper towels and a towel that was on a nearby chair, he brought me a chair and stood there slightly panicked and I’m sure wishing he could leave, but too polite to do so.  When the ambulance was on it’s way and I was outside and the bleeding had subsided I assured him he could leave me as I figured that if I did pass out on my lawn someone would find me soon.  All in all disgusting and I now have three stitches holding my toe together.  My mom came to the ER to sit with me and bring me home and we were both sort of disappointed that it was only three stitches, I mean epics are hardly written about three stitches, but when I recounted the story for the boyfriend later that night he was shocked.  And rightly so, because given the size of one of my toes three stitches covers about half of my toe which means I came close to cutting it right off.  Thankfully Dr. Park at Credit Valley put me back together again even if it took him a minute to understand what happened since he was certain I must have stepped on the shears in which case he couldn’t figure out how the cut came to be on the top of my toe.  I just have a gift for weird accidents I guess.

The point of this post however is to once again stand in awe of the strength we humans can muster in an emergency.  I nearly sliced off my toe and there were a few panicked breaths and then I went into survival mode.  I called my mom, called my esthetician to cancel my appointment and since she is around the corner and always says I can call her in an emergency asked if she was available to drive me to the hospital, but she had another client, wrapped my toe and watched a lot of blood gush out of my wound, hobbled to my house phone, called an ambulance, asked for my briefcase and keys, packed some shoes, changed the sopping paper towel for a new one, hobbled outside and locked the door, all the while joking with the A/C man to assure him that I was ok, but cognisant of the fact that I needed to keep him around in case I lost consciousness.  I flagged down the ambulance, crawled in the side door of the back without assistance and calmly gave them my health card and medical history.  All the while my blood pressure was through the roof and I could see that the paramedics were more than a little concerned about that.  It was only once I got to the emergency department and felt that I could hand responsibility over to the hospital staff that I started to think about what I had done to myself.  I am in no way bragging, after all it was just a toe and I’ve heard stories about people lifting cars if their kids are trapped underneath, but this event certainly underlines the strength we all possess when we need it.

Many of us struggle with our weight and our body image and are shy or embarrassed to go to the gym or be seen in public places where only the “pretty people” go.  But we need to remember the strength we all innately possess.  Granted there was a lot of adrenaline running through my body yesterday which gave me the strength to keep it together and motor on, but if I can crack wise with the A/C guy while my I’m bleeding all over the carpet, I think I can definitely survive a night at a dance party where some people may look at me in disgust because I don’t fit their aesthetic.

– the Goddess



2 responses to “No really the garden shears attacked me. . .

  1. Vicki says:

    you are my hero. how are you doing today?

  2. I’m an idiot who shouldn’t leave sharp, pointy things laying about, but I seem to be healing. Stitches should come out on Friday. Love you.

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