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The Water Experiment Part Two

on June 25, 2012

Last time I talked about homemade flavoured water I tried adding more water to ginger root that I’d left in the bottom of the pitcher after drinking my lime and ginger water (so far my personal favourite).  A word to the wise, ginger root tastes like nothing the second time around.  The taste wasn’t unpleasant or bitter or faint, it was just not there.

I bought frozen fruit to try in water figuring it would chill the water and impart flavour as it melted.  I bought a mix of frozen fruit that included honeydew melon balls, mandarin orange sections, blackberries, red papaya, mango, and pineapple.  I separated out the fruit to try each one individually and started with the blackberries.  There were about 15 black berries, some in pieces, which I added to 4 cups of cold tap water and put in the fridge for 3 hours.  (Mostly because I forgot about it.) When I took the pitcher out of the fridge the first thing I noticed was a slight colour change, to be expected from blackberries, but the water tasted vaguely of potting soil.  I don’t mean like dirt or mud and not gross, just sort of organic and earthy.  I fished out a berry and it was sweet and tasted like a blackberry, but that flavour was not translating to the water.  So I took a fork and I squashed the berries that were in the remaining water.  Again it was ok, drinkable, but I won’t be rushing off to pick up more blackberries for my water.

Next I rifled through the bag of frozen fruit and selected the mandarin orange sections.  To be honest I’ve only ever had mandarin orange out of a tin, so I was curious to see what they would taste like.  I took a piece of mandarin orange and put it in my mouth and promptly spit it out.  It was so sour that it was unpleasant to taste one section, so putting several sections of it in to 4 cups of tap water was just out of the question.

Next was honeydew melon balls, but for some reason I just couldn’t wrap my head around frozen melon balls in my water, they might be lovely, but I’m going to need to talk myself into that one, so I poked around the fridge and grabbed a lemon and a juice orange.  I cut both in half and to 4 cups of cold tap water I added the juice of one orange and the juice of one half lemon, I did not add the skins as I didn’t want it to turn bitter.  The result was a cloudy beverage, but I like citrus and figured I couldn’t go too far wrong with this mix.  I left the pitcher in the fridge for 2 hours to get cold.  Suffice it to say I added too much lemon and the water was really sour.  I had a glassful, but that was all I could muster.

So the Water Experiment Part Two was a bust.  But I’m happy that I could save you from making the same mistakes.  In part three I will continue to try various fruits, but I also want to move on to vegetables and herbs.  I’ve read that some people place celery and carrots  and lettuce in tap water to take away the bitterness.  I’ll let you know what I find out.

– the Goddess


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