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Stand Up!

on July 24, 2012

So researchers are saying that sitting more than three hours a day will reduce life expectancy by two years.

I am stumped as to how I can increase my activity levels and change my lifestyle to sit a maximum of three hours per day.

There are twenty four hours in a day, 3 permitted for sitting, 8 for sleeping, which leaves 13 hours of “not sitting”.  I could walk, swim, roller skate, spin in circles, but none of these seem particularly practical in a 9-5 world.

What’s not clear from the article is the actual definition of sitting, for example if one’s feet are up, or if a person is reclined that may not be, by the strictest rule “sitting”,  but I don’t really know.  Given that I drive to Florida at least twice a year – that’s 24ish hours behind the wheel – and I drive in general which means that I’m easily sitting in the car an hour a day on average and taking the Go bus to work guarantees me two hours of sitting a day. . .limiting my sitting to a maximum of three hours is frankly impossible.

What I will take from this article is what we already know – get up and move about more often.  Perhaps I won’t salvage those two years, but I can certainly try for an extra minute or two here or there.

– the Goddess


One response to “Stand Up!

  1. Some places are experimenting with stand up desks. That sounds like torture, on your feet all day? I am too old for that sh*t but maybe it isn’t as bad as it seems? Has anyone tried one?

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