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Back in the Water Again, Do Bee Do, Do Bee Do

on July 31, 2012

I just got back from a couple of days in Ipperwash Beach with my good friends Leah and Amy.

Best of all I got into the lake and my toe was fine and despite a pretty wicked sunburn – even with a beach umbrella, a floppy hat, cover up and a waterproof SPF 15 sunscreen – I had a fabulous time in the water and on the beach with my lovely hostesses.

Normally I am not a beach person, the sand gets in all sorts of strange places, and I feel rather conspicuous out amongst the “pretty people”, but Ipperwash Beach was full of lovely people of all shapes, ages and sizes.  I was really glad to see this as I’m pro-health and pro-activity at any size and everyone was out enjoying the sunshine and wading in Lake Huron.  My only regret was having to leave after just one night . . .perhaps if I’m really good Amy and Leah will invite me again.

– the Goddess


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