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It was Colonel Quark, in the Kitchen with the Lactose

on August 25, 2012

There are times in one’s life when different factors collide in a most serendipitous way.  Recently I blogged about issues I was having in the bathroom ( “Craptastic” ) and I also blogged about my goal to become a vegan or at least mostly vegan (“Going Vegan?”).  For the last few weeks I’ve been cleaning out my fridge using up non-vegan groceries and replacing them with fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and soy products.  I had mentioned that some of my issues were relieved by eating yogurt and it seems that they were, but I’ve recently learned that in addition to the good bacteria in yogurt it typically does not affect those who have an intolerance to lactose.  As I was running down my non-vegan food stores I started to feel better.  The issues I had been experiencing for at least three of four years, perhaps longer, disappeared.  I was pleasantly surprised by this and attributed the change to eating more yogurt and changing my internal flora.  And then I found some parmigiano-reggiano cheese in the fridge and I grated it and made garlic bread with butter and cheese.  Within a couple of hours my unfortunate symptoms had returned.  I don’t have a definite diagnosis on this one, but I think we can safely assume that something in dairy products is causing me grief and the most likely candidate is lactose.

I doubt that I will ever go completely vegan, but I think I will probably become sort of “Vegan-Plus”.  Meaning that I will aim to stick to vegan food choices, but the occasional egg or animal protein is going to sneak in there from time to time and I’m ok with that.  What will only make the rarest of appearances however is milk and cheese.  Given the effect they seem to be having on my general health and well being I think it’s safe to say that if I’m going to indulge in dairy from now on, I’d better really, really want it.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “It was Colonel Quark, in the Kitchen with the Lactose

  1. Vicki says:

    I don’t know if you remember but I thought I was lactose intolerant a few years ago. Turns out, I’m not, it’s just my body has trouble processing dairy fat. Sounds like that is what’s going on with you. Don’t give up on dairy completely, maybe try to introduce some lower fat items and see how they affect you. Just my two cents!!
    And yes, I neeeed to call you!!!

  2. You can also try lacteez when you can’t avoid dairy and see if it helps. It is with the tums and whatnot in the pharmacy. We use it with Veronica when she is having pizza at a party or something. If it doesn’t help, then it probably isn’t the lactose that is the problem and could be the fat or something else like Vicki mentioned. Good luck with the reducing meat, post some recipes that you try out, I am always looking for some good meatless ones.

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