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Completing a Triathlon Begins With a Single Step

on August 26, 2012

My bucket list includes completing a marathon and completing a triathlon.  I want to test my endurance, I want to be fit and I want to feel the rush of crossing the finish line.   There are just a few little hiccoughs I need to deal with before this can become a reality. One, I don’t actually know how to swim, two I can’t walk more than about two kilometres before I get tired, and three I can’t ride a bike without the seat hurting my ass.

Now let’s try that again, but I’m going to add a single word which will change everything.

I don’t know how to swim YET

I can’t walk more than two kilometres without getting tired YET

I can’t ride a bike without it hurting my ass YET

I’ve looked up some websites for training for triathlons, and after I finally learned to spell the word properly (I swear I always thought it was triath-a-lon), I found some training programs and frankly they were dizzying.  There are various drills, exercises that focus on specific muscles, recommendations on nutritional supplements, and discussions about what kinds of gear to wear.  I’m sure eventually this will be helpful information, but I’ve decided for now to just glaze over and not let it overwhelm me.  I’ve decided that I will start with walking and swimming lessons and increasing my flexibility with yoga.  Now of course I have to deal  with the biggest obstacle. . .getting off my bum and actually following through with those plans.

I went to the Y this morning and I plan to continue doing that every Sunday, and I checked the schedule and it appears that there are adult swimming lessons every night of the week.  Granted they are a little later in the evening than I would like, but once a week I can manage.  On the other nights I can walk around the block and do a yoga DVD and I’ve talked with a yoga instructor friend about trading dinners for private yoga classes.

Of course these are all plans and I need to put them in action.   So I’ve decided that you are going to keep me on task.  I will report my progress on a regular basis and you are welcome to offer encouraging words or give me constructive criticism to help me stay on task.  My first task will be to dig out my sneakers and my work out clothes and have them ready by the door so I can come home and get back out there.  Next is to plan my week around my workouts instead of the other way around.  And then I need to actually get out there and take those first steps towards these major goals.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “Completing a Triathlon Begins With a Single Step

  1. I nearly died the first time I rode a bike as an adult. Were the seats always that uncomfortable? I can say though that you do get used it. The first time, I thought I was going to have to just abandon the bike on the side of the road and give up but after a few bike rides you don’t even notice. Plus, you can get more comfortable ones than the ones that come standard.

  2. Don Smith says:

    You could do anything for 6 weeks! when do you start Goddess?!

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