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It’s Been A Crazy Few Days. . .

on September 1, 2012

In the last few weeks I officially became single again, my mother’s been hospitalized twice, and is now recovering from surgery, I’ve been looking in on her husband whose health and mind are failing, and it’s the busiest time of the year at work.  All good reasons to ditch my quests towards becoming vegan and participating in a triathlon.


I wanted to report that I did manage to make it to the pool today and I will be going to the Y tomorrow, I am currently having a love affair with steel cut oats with vanilla soy milk and my fridge is almost free of animal products – there is a small package of meat in the freezer that will be eaten tomorrow, and I remembered some yogurt that’s been lurking around in the back of the fridge, but I’m pretty sure it’s past its date so it will go tomorrow too.

The switch to veganism is a struggle when one is used to making meat a significant part of her diet, and given the running around I’ve been doing the last few weeks more dinners than I care to admit  have been coming from take out and drive thrus, but overall I’m incorporating more fruits and veggies where and when I can.  I had planned to go to adult swimming lessons at the Y at some point this week which didn’t happen, but next week is a new week and I’m going to give myself a pass on that fail.

– the Goddess


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