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Living Large and Healthy

The Seven Veganistas

on September 9, 2012

A few months ago I asked my friend Donna if she would share some of her vegetarian recipes and knowledge with me.  This mushroomed into seven women in her kitchen learning how to make Vegetarian Cutlets and Black Bean Burgers.

We were each given a list of the ingredients and instructions to bring bowls and baking dishes and we had our own cooking school.  The lovely Natalie was our teacher and first she showed us how to make the vegetarian cutlets with gravy.  I must admit the recipe was a bit intimidating, in fact finding some of the ingredients like yeast flakes and gluten flour was a bit overwhelming, but the local Bulk Barn came to my rescue.  Once we starting prepping and combining the ingredients it wasn’t as fussy as it seemed and if I was making it again I’m sure it would seem even less so.  The veggie cutlet recipe makes a loaf, similar in consistency to chewy rye bread, but it contains walnuts and chickpeas and can be served sliced into cutlets or chopped in the food processor and used as a substitute for ground meat in dishes like lasagna and shepherd’s pie.  Like bread, it gets a little soggy when wet, but I think I might toast it and use it in salads as a protein source and it would replace the crunch of croutons.  While we watched Natalie make the gravy we got talking about making salads more interesting and another suggestion was dry roasting chick peas which I think I will also try on salads to break up the monotony that sometimes comes with a mountain of lettuce.

Donna showed us how to make black bean burgers and they were very straight forward – my kind of recipe – dump a bunch of beans and veggies in a bowl, use a little water and flour to hold it all together, don’t be shy and get your hands in there.  Delicious, healthy and quick to make they were a big hit.  The only drawback is that they were fried, but I’m going to experiment with baking them to see if I can keep the flavour and texture with a lot less oil.

We had so much fun today and learned so much that we’ve already started talking about our next day together.  I think we are going to explore some tofu recipes and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’d like to thank Donna for making today happen and I want to thank my new friends Natalie, Jessica, Burnadette, Sharon,   and Krystal, for making it so much fun.

– the Goddess


One response to “The Seven Veganistas

  1. Send me the recipe for the black bean burgers, please. If you fry them in a bit of olive oil they would still be pretty healthy.

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