The Goddess Weighs In

Living Large and Healthy

The Forgetful Vegan

on September 18, 2012

I had dinner with my friend Donna last night and I looked over the menu trying to find a vegan choice that I would like.  She commended me on trying to be 100% vegan.  Then she asked how long I’d been completely vegan and I paused for effect and then announced “since breakfast!”

My house is now free of animal proteins, I’ve stocked up on various fruits and veggies, beans and a variety of grains, especially quinoa though the goal is to eat mostly fruits and veggies at least for the first six weeks.  Then I will add back a little bit of animal protein like fish and eggs, but I think unless I am entertaining, and perhaps even then, that I am going to keep my house vegan.  Already my grocery bills are lower, I’m feeling a lot better having cut out dairy, and the dearth of good vegan food in take away form has forced me to take my lunch to work which is a substantial cost saving each day.

There is just one problem.  I am so used to having meat in my diet that I’m finding it difficult to break the habit of meat.  I’m not hungry, I’m not lacking in nutrition, but when something is such a staple, and let’s face it, incredibly tasty it’s hard to give it up.  I’ve been working on going vegan now for a few weeks and decided to have a few test days.  The first day I lasted until 11am.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t find a vegan choice or at least a vegetarian choice, I just forgot and I got hungry and I bought a chicken-filled wrap.  Then I was out running errands with my mom weekend before last and I was talking about the benefits of veganism and I dragged her through the Bulk Barn looking for nutritional yeast flakes and loading up on organic quinoa and then I took her out to lunch and as she eyed my half chicken dinner she asked me exactly which part of it was vegan.  Busted.

Tonight I made my white bean and spinach soup and I left out the ham that I would normally put in it.  It’s not exactly the same as when I’ve made it before, but it’s actually really tasty, and nutrient rich and I didn’t have to de-fat the stock which gets some, but not all of the grease out of the soup.  For dinner out last night I had Aloo Gobi, though I must admit that I thought that finding a vegan choice in an Indian restaurant would be easier, but there is a lot of dairy in Indian food.  In fact I was going to order a dish with paneer until I remembered that it was a cheese.

So I guess it’s a process and I will get better at making better choices, especially when eating out, but in the mean time should you see me reaching for animal products, feel free to draw my attention to the fact that I’m trying to be a vegan or ya know, gimme a quick slap upside my head.

– the Goddess


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