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Living Large and Healthy

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

on October 14, 2012
  • I told myself that I could skip the Y this morning if I did yoga.  The yoga hasn’t happened yet, but I’m thinking it will happen any minute now. . .not THIS minute apparently, but any minute now. . . 
  • I made an awesome vegan chili yesterday.  Lots of veggies, lots of beans, lots of cumin.
  • I saw my brother yesterday and while he is on the mend it renewed my commitment to heart health and getting a sufficient amount of fiber in my diet.
  • I had to park several blocks away from my brother’s place yesterday and schlepped along with several bags of goodies.  I was struggling a bit with the walk and felt kind of crappy about struggling.  On the way back to the car last night it was much easier and I mentioned this to my sister-in-law who was walking with me.  Turns out I was walking uphill earlier.  It was a gentle enough incline that I didn’t notice it so I still need to work on my endurance obviously, but I felt a bit better that my fitness was not actually declining.
  • I read an article in the Star this week about a man who lost his law career, his family, and his home all due to severe depression brought on by sleep apnea.  I use my CPAP every night without fail, but I am not getting enough hours of sleep.  In fact I think I will go take a nap to better my health. . .apparently the yoga isn’t going to happen THIS minute either. . .

– the Goddess


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