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The Seven Veganista’s Strike Again!

on October 23, 2012

Sunday was the second meeting of the Seven Veganistas.  Well actually it was four Veganistas, which included one substitute, but   good enough.  (And a warm welcome to our new member Nicole.) Yes technically that makes for eight Veganistas. . .

This time round the focus was on tofu.  We made tofu parfaits, tofu scramble and our lovely host Sharon made a braised peanut tofu for all of us to sample.

As I’ve discovered over the last month that I’m not a huge fan of tofu and the recipes didn’t tickle my fancy I offered to help out and observe, but our ring leader Donna insisted that I try the various dishes and I’m glad that she did.

First up was the tofu parfait.  Silken tofu, maple syrup, lemon juice and a few other things blended well and then layered with fresh fruit and granola.  I have to admit that when I first tasted the mix before it chilled in the fridge all I thought was “hmm spackle-flavoured dessert. . .yum!”, but after it set up in the fridge it was tastier, plus we realized we should have added more of the flavourings as we had put in a whole package which was probably double the tofu called for.  I’m not sure I would make it again just for me, but I will definitely keep it in my recipe box in case I have guests who have dietary restrictions.

Next up was the tofu scramble or basically fake scrambled eggs.  I’m not a big egg fan on a good day, and I don’t really care for scrambled eggs unless they are in my beloved breakfast burritos from that famous fast food place with the dopey clown, but these weren’t bad and with some veggie sausage I could whip up some pretty tasty vegan breakfast burritos.  Sharon actually showed us too variations.  The first was basically plain with turmeric for colour and hot sauce and onions and peppers and they were ok, but I kept thinking that they tasted a little flat.  The second batch included adding a seasoning Sharon had made that had yeast flakes and vegan chicken soup mix and a few other dry ingredients and they were really good.  They were saltier and the yeast flakes mimic a cheesy flavour and those I could definitely see making again.  It occurs to me too that for those who do eat eggs, but who wish to cut down their fat intake, they might be able to combine this with some scrambled egg, but it certainly wasn’t necessary.

Now for my favourite, the peanut braised tofu.  This recipe started with coconut milk and natural peanut butter and then you add in hot chili sauce, soy sauce, vegan chicken stock, lime juice and a bit of sugar.  Add the tofu, add in some blanched snow peas and toss with some noodles and seriously it was a little bit of heaven.  I went back for seconds and debated licking my plate it was so good. The tofu was good, but not really necessary in my mind since the peanut butter is a protein source and when I got home I used the recipe to make spicy peanut noodles for dinner.  I omitted the sugar, and I had to make a few substitutions – lemon juice for some zing as I didn’t have a lime, and Tabasco instead of the chili sauce, but it was still pretty good.  I also added in blanched bean sprouts and extra pea pods and other than overcooking them slightly I was really pleased with the result.

Our next meeting of the Veganistas will be in late November and will coincide with Donna’s birthday, but we agreed that many of the vegan baked goods found in bakeries are pretty bad. I’m hoping we can whip up a vegan cake or cupcakes for Donna that doesn’t taste like paste, but if not there is always tofu parfait.

– the Goddess


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