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Product Review 0002 – Dance of the Kama Sutra

on October 31, 2012

Dance of the Kama Sutra (with Hemalayaa), 2007

dance of kama

Find it here.

I bought this DVD in late June, but I only took off the cellophane last night.

In a word this video is SENSUAL.

The moves, the look, the set are all lovely and rich and very, very sexy and sensuous.  This not an exercise DVD per se, but rather it is about the mood, and the movement.  Several times the viewer is instructed to move their arms or their hips in whatever way feels right to them at that moment as opposed to specific or rigid dance steps or moves.  I am not a dancer and despite my on again off again relationship with yoga I am not that flexible, but I was able to do this video and I was surprised when it ended meaning that 47ish minutes of stretching and moving had passed without me noticing.  There are references to spirituality and to a higher power, but if that’s not your thing it’s clear that you can define that in whatever way you choose.  One user review I read on described it as “a relaxation and self-image awareness improvement video” which I think is apt.

Right now you can buy the DVD on for approximately $10, but sadly back in June I paid nearly $20 before tax.  Regardless I really liked it and I can see myself doing this DVD often, even when I don’t really feel like exercising, because it doesn’t really feel like exercising.

I give it 8.5 out of 10 goddesses.

– the Goddess


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