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The Goddess of Today Needs To Be Nicer To The Goddess Of Tomorrow

on October 31, 2012

I have a mental list of all the things I need to do and have to do when I get home in order to be prepared for the next day.  I need to pack my lunch, prepare my next day’s work clothes, make sure my Presto card is in my pocket and has money on it, shave my legs, have a quick breakfast ready for morning, make sure I have clean towels in the bathroom, charge my phone, put my gloves in my pocket and get to bed at a decent hour.

Then I get home and I twiddle and diddle and I tell myself that magically I will do all of these things in the morning before racing out the door at 7:30 sharp to catch my bus.

Needless to say, I have no magical abilities.  I am often exhausted when I get up because I have stayed up well past a decent bed time. I  don’t pack a lunch which means that more often then not I have difficulties finding decent vegan food and end up being vegetarian or worse and I spend money on lunches that would be better spent trying to accomplish items on my bucket list or at least giving me a financial buffer each month. It is not uncommon to find me trying to dry my clothes on a fan because I forgot to make sure they were dry the night before, or when I get to work I hope that no one will notice that my blouse is wrinkled and my skirt hem is flipped up because I didn’t have time in the morning to iron them.  I have to rush into the Go station and risk missing my bus to put money on my bus card.  My cell phone is low on juice, my towel could be fresher and my hands are freakin’ cold.

Yesterday, had the Goddess of today been nicer to the Goddess of tomorrow I would have had breakfast, a nice homemade lunch, smooth legs and warm hands.

So I am going to work on being nicer. . . to myself.

The next time I think that the magical elves will do my laundry, or charge my cell phone or slow down time so that I can get a few more hours of sleep and still make it to work I am going to remind myself to be nice to the me of tomorrow.  And hopefully after a while, I won’t have to remind myself, I just will be.

– the Goddess


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