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Living Large and Healthy

On The Road Again

on November 11, 2012

This morning I left for Florida.

While it is bittersweet because I inherited my condo when my father died three years ago I recognize how lucky I am to have a second home somewhere warm and sunny.

When I am in Florida I am in the pool daily, I eat light, I have the time to do exercise videos and I sleep.  A LOT.  I am refreshed, re-energized and I really don’t want to go back to the daily grind.

The problem is the travel.

If I could be teleported a la Star Trek all would be well, but instead it’s either a 2 hour flight or a 22 hour drive.

If I fly it means that I need to rent a car while in Florida and I hate going through security and all of the usual things that people dislike about flying like being shuttled around like cattle and travelling on someone else’s schedule, but the real issue is my size.  The last time I flew was in 1999 and I was lighter than I am now and it was really, really uncomfortable for me and for the people sitting beside me.  I could splurge on a first class ticket though this still may not guarantee that I won’t be hassled because apparently the standards used to determine whether or not one needs to purchase a second seat include being able to sit with both armrests down throughout the flight if necessary and I’m not sure how comfortable that would be or if it is even possible (,0). So the alternative is to purchase two coach seats which, obviously,  doubles the cost of the trip.

So I drive.  But driving means more than 22 hours of sitting in essentially one static position.  Because I had to settle the estate, the first year or so I had to make the trip three times and when I got back the third time I noticed that my left baby toe was numb.  I also noticed that I would get jabs of pain in my rump as if my hip was slightly out of joint.  I asked a few people if they thought it was sciatica, but I was told that no that was pain down the leg.  It turns out that what I was experiencing were early signs of sciatica and by the time the pain went down my leg I was in complete agony and it took several weeks of deep tissue massage, anti-inflammatories, and heavy duty pain killers before I could even function.  I also have developed a circulatory problem in part from my weight and in part from working jobs that either require long hours of standing or long hours of sitting both of which can cause varicose veins and malfunctioning valves.

In order to keep healthy while stressing my body with 22 hours of driving I stop roughly once an hour.  That sounds excessive, but I don’t stop for long.  I get out and get a drink or buy gas or just get out and walk around the car and then get back in and get back on the road.  I use speed control when I can, one because I have a tendency to speed (thank you for the $250 ticket State of Georgia) and two because it allows me to wiggle around a bit and flex my feet when driving.  Safely of course!  When I do stop for the night I get my feet up, I stretch and I get to bed early.  Tonight I’m at the Hampton Inn in Dry Ridge Kentucky, where I also stayed in January, and I stopped early so I could have gone swimming which would have been great for my back, but I didn’t want to carry a wet suit in the car tomorrow so I decided to pass.  Plus this time I’m travelling alone and I didn’t really want to wander through the lobby in my bathing suit.  Yes I have a cover up and yes I’m the one who stares down the rude people at the gym, but today I’m tired.

Tomorrow I’m up at 5am and back on the road and I figure I will get to Florida around 8pm.  It will likely be too cool to go swimming, but you can bet I will be in the pool stretching out my back as soon as possible.

– the Goddess


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