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Product Review 0003 – Catherine’s Plus Size Clothing

on November 13, 2012

In Canada there are a few clothing stores which cater specifically to plus size women and a few which offer average-sized clothing as well as plus size clothing.  Personally I am all butt and thighs and it’s really hard for me to find off the rack clothing.  I’m also more back than boob and in most Canadian stores if the band size goes up so too does the cup size which means I have a hard time finding a bra that fits.  I also have trouble with bras rolling at the sides. Even when the band is loose in other areas, it’s tight and marks my flesh under and just behind my right arm.  People have recommended that I try on line clothes shopping, and there are a number of sites which have nice clothes and appear to be reputable, but I know I’m hard to fit and when I typically have to try on approximately ten pieces for every one that I buy I’m understandably leery about ordering and shipping clothing and then having to deal with the hassle of returning it or worse not being able to return it in the case of bras and other unmentionables.

With ten times the population and possibly ten times the number of fat women a lot of people have suggested that I shop in the States, but I’ve also had trouble finding the right fit.  I haven’t had a lot of luck at Fashion Bug or Dots, I’ve never found anything in the Target plus size section and while I have found a lot of really nice stuff at Lane Bryant I seem to be too short in the torso for many of their fashions.  But today I found Catherine’s Plus Size Clothing ( appears that they are owned by Lane Bryant.).  I found it ten minutes from my home. I found three tops and a dress and I slipped them on and they fit.  They fit!

I looked through the bras and found the size I needed, but I could only find it in some basic, unsexy styles.  The saleswoman offered to help me, but I politely refused as I thought I knew what I was looking for.  While I had the right sizes the bras gave me uni-boobs and I was more than a little disappointed.  I came out of the change room and took my purchases to the counter and the saleswoman asked about the bras.  I told her that I was a hard fit and that I had more back than front and she smiled knowingly and told me that I needed a “back minimizing” bra.  She walked me over to some pretty pink bras, which just happened to be 40% off, picked out my size and sent me back to the change room.  It fit and it didn’t roll or bunch or pinch or give me a uni-boob.  I got two in pink, one in black and another in white.

Overall the clothing at Catherine’s is a little more mature though I did find some interesting pieces and I was extremely happy to find clothes that fit me and I’m a supersized BBW so many of you should be able to find pieces that fit.

Overall I give Catherines 9 goddesses out of 10.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “Product Review 0003 – Catherine’s Plus Size Clothing

  1. catherine simpson says:

    always loved Catherine’s in Florida where I used to go twice a year. I am away this weekend to the US from Toronto and can’t wait to see what Catherine’s has for me in Michigan

    • I do like their stuff, but be wary of their credit card. I didn’t get the bills because they goofed entering my address so I got late fees, then I paid it, but didn’t add in the interest so they charged me a late fee, then another late fee. I’m still fighting with them. That’s not a credit card . . .more like loan sharking.

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