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But Then They Will Never Make Me Prime Minster!

on November 29, 2012

I’m not sure I actually want to be Prime Minister, but if I ever set my mind to it I would like to think that it would actually be a possibility and that the only things stopping me would be my level of interest and the fact that I have no real understanding of party politics, both of which I can affect and change.  It is however a fact that there has only ever been one female Prime Minister in Canada and she was not elected, but rather she became head of her party after the Prime Minister stepped down.  It is also a fact that there are very few female CEOs or women in high ranking, high influence positions.  Until women are seen as being completely equal and just as intelligent and clever and strong and savvy and brave and  all of the other positive attributes that we bestow on men then we need to show the world that we are every bit as good as men and in fact ten times better just to be on a level playing field.

So for the love of god could we please keep the whining about our periods to a minimum.

No one is going to let me have the launch codes and the super duper secret passwords if they fear that I’m going to go rangy every new moon.  I very rarely talk about my period.  I don’t give it funny names, I don’t gripe about it to anyone, but the most intimate of friends and I don’t buy into the notion that PMS gives me an excuse to be a complete and utter bitch.  In fact I don’t acknowledge PMS.  Yes, there are days of the month when I feel more irritable, and more prone to crying when something is sad, but I go to work and  I go about my day and I keep myself in check.  If someone says something to me and my first reaction is to become upset or get annoyed, I remind myself that the issue could very well be my current interpretation of what they are saying and I try to imagine what my response would be on any given day when I’m at my best and I behave accordingly.  I have seen women behave very badly and blame it on their “female troubles” and it just puts my teeth on edge.

A side effect of obesity can be irregular periods.  My doctor explained that we have more estrogen in our systems which can mimic being on the pill or being pregnant and so cycles stop or become irregular. There are also women of all shapes and sizes who deal with very painful or overwhelming cycles or who may become physically ill each month, and I can fully understand that they may want to vent about their issues in the same way a person with illness wants to vent about their pain or discomfort.

But  for the rest of us, and I realize that this may not be the most popular of opinions, I ask that you please tone it down until everyone knows that the average woman can do anything that the average man can do.

– the Goddess


4 responses to “But Then They Will Never Make Me Prime Minster!

  1. Just for the record, no prime minister in Canada is elected in the sense that an American president is. Kim Campbell became Prime Minister the same way every other Prime Minister did, she was the head of the party with the most seats in the House of Parliament. That is how Stephen Harper became Prime Minister, along with Pierre Trudeau and every other PM. She was elected to her seat in the House of Commons just like any other PM and in fact was also MInister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development as well as Minister of Justice, Attorney General and the Minister of National Defence before becoming the head of her party, so she actually followed a fairly traditional trajectory towards the PM job. The only unusual thing about her tenure as PM was that it was brief due to her party not winning enough seats in the next election to keep her in power as PM (much like Joe Clark).

    As for bitching about PMS, for some women it is a very real thing and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed to talk about it. I never had a cramp in my life until after my second child was born and then I had cramps that literally sent me to the hospital and had me on a morphine drip. Am I not allowed to talk about that? The fact that I have those cramps and still manage to go to work and take care of my kids and hold conversations that consist of more than “aargh!! Help!” is something I am actually proud of. Most men who found themselves doubled over in excrutiating pain once a month would mention it too I think.

    I recently read an article about scientists who were trying to determin if PMS was real. Now, if literally millions of men all independently of each other reported symptoms remarkably similar to each other and had done so for thousands of years, millions and millions of dollars in research dollars would be mobilized to find a cure for that condition. Not one single penny would have been spent trying to determine if the condition existed, if all of those men, throughout the years, were lying about what they were experiencing. So, I say, rock on with your tales of PMS and how you manage to function and get shit done even while suffering from it, since, apparently even with women telling people about it, they still aren’t believed. Let’s see a man do that.

    I may also live in a bubble, because outside of one young woman I knew about 18 years ago I don’t know any women who claim that their periods make them irrational or unbalanced or anything like that, just cause pain, discomfort and sometimes emotionalness (is that a word) that they don’t normally experience the rest of the month. All of which they deal with like adults and carry on with their business while also occassionally venting/bitching/commisserating with other women who know what they mean as opposed to trying to talk about it with the men in their lives who are either squemish about that kind of thing or dismissive or flummoxed by it.

  2. True they are not elected per se, but they are the face of the party and the leader of the party and typically they are asked if they will resign after a lost election so methinks they have some involvement in the outcome. It also doesn’t negate the fact that, with the exception of the Green Party which I think may have or had a female leader, there are very few women in high ranking positions.

    I’m not arguing that PMS isn’t real. I’m saying it’s not a golden ticket to becoming some sort of wildebeast and taking it out on those around you. I was raised to go have my bad mood somewhere else and not to inflict it on those around me. Giving someone carte blanche to misbehave and act out and not show up to work because of their period is simply unacceptable. And by all means bitch to your closest friends about feeling crappy. But I’ve had Facebook status updates in my feed that tell me the ins and outs of someone’s menstrual cycle.

    Hilary Clinton doesn’t speak publicly about her cycle or whether or not she had a rough time with menopause. Enough said 🙂

  3. Oh I agree that there aren’t enough women in positions of power, I was just pointing out that there was nothing all that unusual about how Kim Campbell came to be PM.

    Facebook is only semi public in the sense that only your friends (or “friends” as the case may be) can see what you are saying, so a facebook status update about one’s menstrual cycle is more akin to talking loudly in a restaurant. Inadvisable perhaps, but not quite taking out a billboard. I have never met any grown woman who has ever claimed that having a period gives her carte blanche to treat people poorly. Like, not one, ever. Maybe I have just been lucky, but I really don’t think there are very many women who think that. I have certainly never heard any female politician say anything about how she is great for the job except for that one week a month, when, whoa boy, look out, she is going to bomb Israel back to the stone age just for shits and giggles. I mean, who cares what some random woman said one time on facebook? How is that the cause of women not having positions of power? Besides, not all women are the same, some have PMS, some don’t, some bitch about it, some don’t.

    There is nothing wrong with the way women’s bodies function, if PMS is a part of some women’s lives, they shouldn’t feel like they can’t talk about it for fear of being treated as inferior. How about we put the onus on men to stop acting like babies when it comes to women’t bodies and projecting their own fears and issues onto them instead of telling women that they have to keep quiet about their experiences? I don’t remember ever hearing anyone say Lance Armstrong should just shup up about that whole testicular cancer thing lest anyone think he was less of a man, or a whiny baby for caring about his nonessential ball or something.

  4. Well I guess I’ve just run into all the women who choose to act out and blame a biological function for what is actually bad behaviour and then tell their 200+ BFFs all about it in a semi-public forum. And it may not be fair, but neither is a world where powerful women are asked about their fashion choices or given beauty tips rather than being asked about their views on say foreign policy or the state of the economy.

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