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What To Get A Fat Girl For Christmas

on December 7, 2012

This year for Christmas I’ve decided to buy smaller gifts for the people I love.  It’s not that I’ve decided to cheap out, or that I feel that they are not worth a nice gift, but I’ve decided that I’d rather do kind things and give them thoughtful presents throughout the year.  In my family, Christmas is not a day,  it is a season.  I’ve decided to take this one step further and extend that love, peace and goodwill to all to every day of the year.  This might be a greeting card with a kind word to cheer a friend, it might be a pair of hand knit mitts on a cold day, it could be a home made voucher for babysitting for a couple who need a night out, whatever it is my goal is to be thoughtful and listen carefully to my friends because if you watch and listen carefully even those who are the hardest to shop for will tell you exactly what they want and need.

With this in mind, I thought I’d make a list of what a fat girl might like for Christmas and throughout the year:

  • Exercise Dates – she may be having trouble fitting exercise into her week or finding the motivation to go to the gym or to try a new exercise class.  Invite her to go with you to a new exercise class or make a date to go for a walk or bring over an exercise video and do it together.
  • Encourage Her To Stay On Track – she may be on a new diet or trying to eat light and so help her to stick to her plan.  For example if she is trying to follow a vegan diet invite her to try out a vegan restaurant or buy her a vegan cookbook or go on line and make her a booklet filled with vegan recipes you’ve found.  Better yet find a recipe you like and offer to come over or invite her over and you make it together.
  • Encourage Her To Try Something That Frightens Her – often fat people stick to their safe routines because they feel they do not fit or that they may be ridiculed in some way.  Encourage her to try a new restaurant, go to a party she might otherwise skip, or take a new exercise class.  More importantly go with her so she feels more comfortable.  Often times it just takes one visit to a new place to allay her fears and she may well return again by herself.
  • Scope Out A New Place For Her – a fat person may be concerned about trying a new restaurant because the tables may be closely set or the chairs too narrow for an ample person.  If you are close enough you may tell her openly not to worry and that it’s roomy and she need not be concerned, or you may just practice your act of kindness quietly and talk about how you like that the chairs have no arms because they only get in the way when seated with a group.  This will tell her that she will fit and reduce her anxiety.
  • A Mini Makeover – some fat people can feel like no one is paying attention to them in a positive way so why bother dressing up or getting a pedicure or trying out a new hairstyle.  A makeup lesson at a place like Sephora can make one feel like a hundred bucks. You don’t have to pay for the lesson or any products, but make a plan to go together and both get makeovers.
  • Help Her Find a Dressmaker – we could all use a good dressmaker, but a fat person may have trouble finding pieces that fit properly while reflecting their personal style.  This requires having pieces made, but finding a good dressmaker can be difficult and they are best found through word of mouth.

This list is by no means exhaustive, nor does each point suit each fat girl you may know, so I encourage you first and foremost to listen to your friends and try to figure out the little things that will have a big impact.  Your friends will appreciate the thoughtfulness and originality of your gifts as well as see very clearly just how much you care.

– the Goddess


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