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A Lesson In Perseverance

on January 8, 2013

It’s been over two weeks since I saw the Naturopath and granted there was the holiday in there, and I’ve been sick, but I’ve yet to take a walk, never mind a 30 minute walk, as recommended, or even figure out how to work it into my daily routine.

Meet Miles A. Cat.


Wait, wait!  Don’t run away, I know this looks like it’s going to be another blog by a cat loving, fat chick, but bear with with me.

Meet Miles A. Cat.

This week Miles taught me a lesson in perseverance.

Recently I was given a lovely bouquet of flowers.  I put them in a vase, added water and that little packet of white stuff and I proudly displayed them on my dining room table.  I went out for New Year’s Eve and when I came in there was evidence that someone had been chewing on the bits of greenery.  As I have no roommates, and no other pets, Miles A. Cat was the prime suspect.  Wanting to be a good pet owner and keep him from harm I moved the flowers to the kitchen counter, but they were in my way.  So I moved them to my buffet.  A top the rather high, Arts and Crafts inspired piece, it was impossible for my sweet, lovely, substantial cat to reach the flowers.  He sat in front of the buffet and stared up at the object of his affection for over an hour.  The next night he did the same.  The following morning I noticed that a Christmas card was knocked over which seemed odd, but nothing else seemed out of place.

Last night I turned to see if he was still ogling the flowers and he wasn’t there.  I scanned the living room and dining room and then looked back to the buffet.  My rolly polly, kibble loving, lay about cat had launched himself four feet vertically and landed on a patch roughly the size of my hand.  I yelled, afraid he would knock the vase over, and he jumped down.

If my fat, nine year old cat who has been known to misjudge jumping on my bed can size up an obstacle, devise a plan and execute it with precision and aplomb, then I can figure out a way to include a 30 minute walk in my day

– the Goddess


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