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The Smart Fork Sounds Dumb

on January 10, 2013

According to an article, below the fold, on the front of the Toronto Star yesterday (–ces-hapifork-measures-how-much-and-how-fast-you-re-eating) a U.S. company called Hapilabs has developed a fork which counts the number of times one raises her fork to her mouth and the time between mouthfuls. According to Hapilabs since people gain weight and have digestion issues because they eat too fast the fork signals them to slow down.  The Star says the fork vibrates when one eats too quickly, according to the company it has signal lights (  Either way if you’re shoveling it in, the fork is supposed to alert  you.  And then by USB or soon Blue Tooth it will connect with an App and give you a report.

I freely admit that on the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle Curve, I am a definite laggard (  If it takes batteries, beeps, lights up, chirps, vibrates or talks to me I’m going to be the last to buy one.  The Smark Fork is no different.  Never mind the issues I have with the idea of going out to dinner and pulling a wonky fork out of my purse and then licking it clean and putting it back in purse after my meal, it just seems like yet another gizmo that could do what it says it will do, but can be tricked.  Like my pedometer that registered an extra step every time I went to the bathroom and dropped trou’.

If I bring my dish up closer to my face will it register the move from plate to mouth?

If I pile the fork high, and take monster size bites will it register the size of those bites?

If I eat a bite of salad or a bite of chocolate fudge cake will it know the difference?

Like anything if I follow the instructions it will do what it says it will, but one can eat slower by watching the clock, or putting her fork down between mouthfuls, or practicing mindful eating.  Oh and by the way, it costs $99.00 (

– the Goddess


2 responses to “The Smart Fork Sounds Dumb

  1. kim says:

    That’s just crazy 🙂 It’s a fork, for fork’s sake!

  2. this made me LOL! seriously.. if you need a fork to tell you you’re eating too much… then you’re eating too much… People need to be wayyy more aware of their own bodies.

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