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Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy!

on January 13, 2013

I am a belly dancer.

Butterfly arms, chest pops, and shimmies are now going to be a regular part of my vocabulary.

I am planning to open my own dance studio.

I am knitting my own plus size hip scarf.

Imagine what I’ll be like after my SECOND lesson!

Thursday was my first belly dancing lesson and I loved it.  There were moments that it was hard, six minutes of shimmying in one stretch was a lot for most of us, and there were moments when I felt uncoordinated, but overall I got the moves, I kept up and I didn’t fall over or embarrass myself too badly.

I could have done without the full length mirrors, but that’s how you learn and I’d been to the studio once before for a demo class so I knew what to expect.  There was the momentary thought that I looked like Jabba the Hut surrounded by Princess Leias, but everyone was very friendly, the teacher was incredibly kind and generous and every world class belly dance artist must get her start somewhere.

– the Goddess


2 responses to “Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy!

  1. tonicooper says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by belly dancing. Of course my belly dances all by itself most of the time. Lol

  2. That’s funny. I said something similar to a friend just yesterday. 🙂

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