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Random Thoughts When I Should Be Sleeping

on January 21, 2013
  • I had my second belly dancing class this week, I’m so good, you would think I’ve had THREE lessons!
  • I’m into week 2 of the allergy/elimination diet the Naturopath put me on.  I seem to be breathing better, my sense of smell is stronger and I am losing weight.  Though that last one is probably because there isn’t a lot I can eat and eating out is impossible
  • My brother is in the hospital for the 5th or 6th time since last May.  Rest and sleep are truly the best medicine.
  • I’ve been on a secondment at work for nearly two years and I will soon have to decide if I want to return to my previous position which was killing me by tying me to my desk and overworking me (they hired three part time assistants for the position after I left) or stay in my current job for a tiny bit more pay, more restrictions in terms of vacation and time off and a lot more stress and responsibility.
  • When I think about work I want to run off and live on a Kibbutz. Not sure they’d take me, not being Jewish and all, but it is a pleasant idea.
  • I signed up for yoga at work.  I didn’t really budget for it, but bringing my lunch is saving a lot of money and I was afraid if I didn’t sign up that they might not offer it again, so Fridays at lunch time I will be doing yoga.  I dream of a world where employers recognize the importance of exercise and fitness to overall health and well being and it’s just part of a regular day’s work.
  • My realtor died just after Christmas.  He was 56.  I couldn’t figure out why this was bothering me so much.  He was a nice guy, but we weren’t buddies, he wasn’t an integral part of my life.  A colleague pointed out that it was a reminder of my own mortality.  Now I just need to make sure that I listen to that reminder.

– the Goddess


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