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You Won’t Believe What The Bus Driver Did

on February 7, 2013

This morning I got on the bus and took my preferred seat at the front and the bus driver turned and handed me a pamphlet.  I quickly looked at it and realized it was something about weight loss and shoved it in my bag with my sensible, vegetable rich, down right dietetic lunch.  I am always a little flummoxed as to what is the appropriate reaction when someone does something like this.  I was once in the Eaton Centre with my dad and a woman followed me up the escalator to tell me about some diet plan that she was following and how wonderful it was.  I was a teenager with enough issues already and there I was trapped on the escalator by some woman, with way too much make up on, bestowing the virtues of some weight loss plan.  I wanted to die.  I literally wanted to hurl myself over the side of the escalator to get away from this woman and end my humiliation and embarrassment.  My father thought I was a bit rude for glaring at her since after all she was only trying to help.  Believe me, that kind of help NONE of us need.

So back to the bus driver.  I’m sure he is a nice man.  He has a serious weight issue himself, and come to think of it he does look a little thinner, but not a lot and why would he be concerned about my issues when I see him once or twice a week on average. When I got to work I read the pamphlet and still couldn’t understand why he thought it appropriate to give it to me. And then I flipped the pamphlet over.  There was a name and a phone number.  This wasn’t just a friendly gesture, he was trying to make a sale off of me.   He was trying to get me to buy his weight loss products.  Not only was I irritated that he was pointing out my weight, but I was really ticked that he chose to hawk his wares on the bus.  I wonder if he will have Avon catalogues or Amway brochures up his sleeve next time. The only positive of this experience is that he handed the pamphlet to me somewhat discreetly and then he didn’t say another word about it.  Had he attempted to strike up a conversation about weight and weight loss he would have found out that one I am not prone to speaking to strangers about anything and two I am  not interested in unsolicited advice about my weight issues.

My weight is my business.  If someone wants to encourage me then invite me over for a heart healthy, low calorie meal, invite me to go swimming or take a walk, invite me to hang out and chat and if I bring it up then slip in your advice, but don’t knock me over the head with it and certainly don’t walk up to a stranger and start telling them about how they should be eating right and exercising more.  I’m fat, I’m not an idiot, and if your product is so amazing then CNN or CBC or BBC would be giving it a great deal of news coverage.  If the medical community isn’t going nuts over it and by the way a number of  medical professionals recommended Fen Phen in it’s day and look how safe and effective that was, then I’m going to guess that whatever potion you want me to mix in water or juice and swallow down is not a magic pill, but rather a healthy dose of snake oil.

I have to admit this annoyed me most of the day, though I suspect the bus driver will have a worse day in the end when he finds out that I reported him for soliciting business during work hours.

– the Goddess


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