The Goddess Weighs In

Living Large and Healthy


on March 19, 2013

About a year ago I started to notice that my vision was worsening.

I found I was having trouble reading fine print, objects were slightly blurred or haloed from time to time, and I was having trouble changing focus after working on a computer or sending text messages.  Just a year before that my optometrist had told me that my vision was as close to 20/20 as it could be, and with the exception of a slight astigmatism I didn’t really need glasses and all was well.  The only difference that I could see, pardon the pun, was that I was older.  I mentioned it to a few friends and they agreed that aging is a bitch and that they too had noticed that the effects of aging can appear or at least seem to appear suddenly and without warning.

My usual optometrist is in a building with no parking   so when my mom  mentioned that she had found a new optometrist I asked if she could find out if they were taking new patients.  On Friday I went to my new optometrist.  She did all the usual tests, the drops, even tested me for colour blindness and then told me that my vision was 20/20 with a slight astigmatism.  I looked at her blankly.

It turns out my eyes are dry and I don’t blink enough.  This explains why all through my eye exam she kept telling me to blink.  She suggested some drops and told me not to stare at computer screens or my phone for too long without taking a rest.  Apparently I am in one doozy of a staring contest and I didn’t know it.  She also told me to stop rubbing my eyes.  I asked her how she knew I rubbed my eyes and she told me that my corneas are all scratched from the rubbing.  One’s eye is like Jello so each rub leaves little abrasions.  This is making it harder to see clearly and why lights, especially at night are haloed and overly bright.

So I’m putting drops in my eyes, I’m doing my best not to rub my eyes and I have more ammunition in the fight against the 9-5 work day.

I’m not quite ready to give it all up and sell shells on the beach, but I’m definitely leaning that way.

– the Goddess


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