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I Will Not Admit Defeat

on April 4, 2013

I’ve been hiding from my family doctor and now I’m hiding from my Naturopath.

Let’s face it, if I was doing it, I’d be talking about it, so it’s safe to assume that I have not been walking 30 minutes three times a week and it is also safe to assume that my blood pressure is not in check.

Today I went to the doctor and my BP was at an all time high.  I asked for some “gentler” meds like maybe a diuretic and she looked at me and said she was now officially diagnosing me with hypertension and I was going on meds.  In two weeks I have to go back so she can check my progress and she told me not to climb any mountains, swim alone or get pregnant.  Um, ok then.

So as I’m thinking about my 40 challenges for this year, my 41st challenge will be to get off the blood pressure meds.

I found this and it seems I just can’t avoid the walking any longer.  Though apparently I can take up drinking which will be interesting.  According to the article the following 13 activities will help:

Part of the reason I think my BP was super high today is because I’ve been making my own iced coffees at home and the coffee has been pretty strong.  I think I will just put the maker right back in the box and stick it on the shelf in the basement.  I’ve also been having a love affair with hot sauce of late and I just realized how much sodium is in each teaspoon so that will be going too.  I’m already on top of the dark chocolate thing, the snoring thing and the vitamin thing . . .so I guess this weekend I’m breaking in the walking shoes.

– the Goddess


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