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Like Money For Sweat

on April 6, 2013

This week I got an email from Air Miles® and specific locations of the YMCA will now be giving out miles.  (

Every fourth visit in a month will earn me one mile, maximum one visit per day.

This means that if I go to the Y 28 times per month  I will earn 7 miles a month, 84 miles a year, and in just over two years I will have enough miles to purchase a movie package with two movie passes, two medium drinks and a bag of popcorn.  I’m not likely to go that often and this is not quite like getting paid to go or like that dream where you find money, but assume that one goes to the Y two to three times a week one could earn two to three miles per month.  Again, not enough to send me on my dream vacation to Greece, but as I like to say “Better than a kick in the head”.

I currently pay a little under 70 dollars a month to belong to the YMCA, and I go roughly 4 times a month on Sunday mornings for a couple of aquafit classes.  I’ve been thinking that I should try to go at least one night after work and walk the track for 30 minutes and then go to an aquafit class.  The first incentive is that I’m already paying for it, the next is my goal to get off blood pressure medication by increasing my physical activity, specifically walking and now the third is the, albeit small, monetary reward.  I’m a sucker for a deal and if I increase my workouts by one a week that’s two miles per month.  If I was shopping at the grocery store I would need to spend 40 dollars to earn those miles so I’m going to choose to think of it in those terms.

Now I just need to remember to put my Air Miles® card in my gym bag.

– the Goddess


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