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No Elephants, No Whales And Definitely No Doughnuts!

on April 6, 2013

I have to admit I’m not familiar with Rebel Wilson’s work, but apparently she’s fat and funny and is now designing clothes.

I’m not sure if her new clothing line, if indeed two T shirt designs can be considered a line, is supposed to be funny or ironic or if she really thinks that a girl like me wants to walk around with doughnuts and cupcakes on my boobs.  (  Not to mention that the sizing goes from 12 to 18 which is on the low end of the plus size range.  There are measurements given for width and length which may actually mean the shirts are bigger than the sizes would indicate, but I’m still not wearing them.

Image of Donut T-shirtImage of Cupcake T-shirt

I have no issue with Rebel Wilson, as I said I really don’t know who this person is except that she is famous and was apparently in the movie Bridesmaids, my issue is with the designers and manufacturers of plus size clothing in general.

I am comfortable enough with myself and my size that I have no problem being out in the world and living my life, however I am not about to paint a target on myself or draw undue attention to my size by wearing an elephant, or a whale or a manatee or any sort of food products on my clothing and yet all too often when I peruse the fat girl clothing stores I find such things on the shirts, dresses and jammies.  I’ll save my rant on plus sized “lingerie” which all too often in fat girl stores consists of flannel and knit night shirts or mens style pyjamas covered in bunnies, penguins and cats for another day and focus my attention on the plethora of bad choices one finds in plus size clothing. No doubt there are plus sized women out there who have no issue with wearing an elephant or a manatee t shirt, and I know my father was disappointed that I never wore the manatee earrings he got me in Florida or the pewter whale pin he bought me when I visited him in Halifax, but I just can’t do it. It is hard enough to find clothing that fits and flatters, to then embellish that clothing with animals which are often used as derogatory comparisons for example fat as a whale or big as an elephant is just unkind.

In the past plus sized clothing was targeted at middle age and elderly women and those of us who were fat teens suffered silently trying to figure out how to make blouses with elastic trim and polyester slacks look cool.  Let me save you the suspense – a teenager in that outfit better be wicked smart or wicked funny to be able to avoid being publicly ridiculed. Stores like Penningtons and more so Addition Elle are targeting younger shoppers, but Addition Elle only goes up to a 4x and their fashions tend to be a little too casual for a 9-5 corporate hipster like myself (ok ok the 9-5 part is true).  Penningtons fashions on the other hand are still a little bit mature overall, but there are some choices that are younger and their sizing goes up to 5x and even 6x in some styles.  The problem is that in order to find pieces that are in my size and cut for my shape and in colours and prints that are flattering, I have to spend an inordinate amount of time digging through racks of animal prints and animal motifs, especially elephants and giraffes for some reason.  Not to mention that every season has it’s fair share of tops and dresses which are covered in beads or sequins or both or for that special treat one can usually find at least one piece that has been “Bedazzled”.  I was tickled to find Catherine’s in the U. S. and I was able to find a number of tops and skirts that fit me and look good on me, but I still ended up buying three shirts that have some beading or bedazzling.  I refuse to wear sequins mostly because they seem scratchy and I have a possibly unfounded fear that they are all on one thread and that if one sequin comes loose then the rest will suddenly follow suit, but sometimes in order to find things that fit I must accept a certain amount of glitter and metal glued on my clothing. I’ve mentioned before that I have a lot of my clothing made.  Primarily this is because clothing that fits well is more attractive at any size, but there is the added bonus that nothing I have made has ever had animals, or sequins or any sort of metal or jewelled embellishment on it.

I’m not sure where the issue actually lies as it could be that the retailers are requesting this stuff, or the corporate buyers are looking for it, or the manufacturers and designers actually think that what they are offering is attractive, but I do know that there needs to be more fashions that are hip and current and made to fit fat girls in a flattering way and that covering them in “fat” animals is not the way to go.

– the Goddess


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