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Forty Challenges For My 40th Year, Part Two

on April 8, 2013


My progress on my first 10 challenges is well. . . nil.

However, I am thinking about the next 10 challenges and what they could be.

The next 10 challenges in no particular order are:

11. Sing Karaoke – I like to sing, but typically my warbling is limited to the tunes I belt out in the car.  A friend was surprised that I had never done it and wants to set up a group outing.  I’m not only going to go, but I’m going to sing my heart out.

12. Learn To Use My Slow Cooker – I want to learn how to cook beans in the slow cooker.  Dried beans are healthy and unbelievably cost effective, but when I try to cook them on the stove top they turn out crunchy and they split their skins.  My only issue is the idea of leaving an electrical appliance on all day. My mom used a crock pot when I was a kid, people all over use crock pots daily, but I won’t leave my toaster plugged in never mind the crock pot…I will try it on weekends to start.

13. Cut My Craft Supplies In Half – I knit, crochet, cross stitch, make soap, needlepoint, scrapbook and make beaded Christmas balls.  I know a bit about sewing, quilting, quilling and jewellery making.  My friend Carrie once described my house as “Santa’s Workshop”.  I not only own supplies and tools for each of my crafts, but I have dozens of reference books for crafts I do and some for those  I might do some day.  This year I will give up and make up what I can and not buy any additional supplies until I have halved my stores.  My friend Fiona is doing 40 kindnesses this year and I have offered to make 40 hats for her to give away.  I started through my yarn and this will only make a dent.  I will make mittens as well  though 80 mittens may be a stretch for this year.

 14. Be The Subject Of A Photoshoot – I rarely carry my camera and I never want to be photographed, but recently I found this . I’ve asked my friend Vicki, who is never far from her camera, to take some photos of me.  I’ll post them when they’re done.

 15. Take A Tai Chi Class – the YMCA offers a variety of classes which I have never tried, even though they are free with my membership.  I tried tai chi at a retreat years ago and it would be nice to try it again.

16. Take A Kettle Bell Class – I received kettle bells for Christmas a few years ago, but I’ve never used them.  The Y offers a class in this as well so I’m going to try it out.

17. Take A Drum Fit Class – I have no idea what this is, but the Y offers it midday on Thursdays.  It may be me and a bunch of octogenarians, but I’m going to give it a go.

18. Take An Arriba (Zumba) Class – um ditto.

19. Visit Fit Zone Plus ( – this is a fitness studio offering yoga and other exercise classes specifically for the plus sized crowd.  It just moved somewhere up Yonge street, I believe, so likely not a place I will end up frequenting, but definitely something to try.

20. Go For A Thai Massage – As near as I can tell this is assisted yoga.  Having someone check my form and assist me in yoga poses sounds good.

– the Goddess


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