The Goddess Weighs In

Living Large and Healthy

Bill Withers Said It Best

on April 15, 2013

I talk a lot about personal strength.  I talk about pushing on and muddling through. I talk about how impressed I am with people who “keep calm and carry on”.  But sometimes it is an incredible act of strength to admit that you need help, to admit that you can’t go it alone.

Recently a friend, who is going through a really difficult time, told me that they didn’t feel strong enough to deal with the issues facing them.  My first reaction was to reassure them that they are strong enough and that no matter what happens they will manage.  I assured them that I had survived what they are dealing with right now and that they would too.  They told me that I was strong, but that they were not.  I continued to offer reassurances but after a few minutes of talking I realized that my words weren’t comforting at all.  I changed tact and told them that I agreed.  They weren’t strong enough right now, but that I am and that I would see them through  this difficult time.

I was surprised that this friend, someone who I routinely turn to for support, let their guard down and showed me their underbelly.  Then I realized that this admission of vulnerability was an incredible act of courage and personal strength.  They were asking for help, something that many of us, especially me, have trouble doing and often we wait until we are so lost and so scared before we reach out for help that it takes us longer to recover. Knowing oneself well enough to ask for assistance is impressive.

I was always going to be there for my friend, it’s the nature of our friendship and it’s just who I am, but now they know for sure that they can lean on me.

– the Goddess


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