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Random Thoughts On An April Day That Feels More Like February

on April 15, 2013

Actually Saturday felt more like February as I drove the 20 minutes from my mom’s place to my place and I drove in to and out of 5 bouts of precipitation including wet snow, but it’s still nippy and windy today.

  • I went to the Y yesterday morning and a teenage girl griped to her mother that the sun was too bright.  I nearly yelled at her that at least there was some sun.
  • My dear friend Joanne emailed to see if I wanted to go to SkyZone soon.  I love that my friends encourage and support my efforts to try new things.
  • I registered for Air Miles at the YMCA.  They gave me a card with a code and this will give me 10 bonus miles.
  • I must get off the blood pressure meds.  They are kicking my ass and I’m walking around in a stupor most of the time.
  • My boyfriend bought me a tablet for my birthday and this weekend he showed me how to put books and audio books on to it.  This has helped me get rid of 6 books from my bookshelf so far.  It’s not quite the same as reading them, but at the end of the day it means less stuff in my house.
  • I am almost finished one hat.  I was hoping to be farther along on that challenge by now, but at least I’ve started.
  • Sunday I prepped breakfasts and lunches for the week.  While it’s much easier to just buy my lunch and the occasional breakfast I am better able to keep an eye on what I’m actually eating this way and it’s cost effective to boot.
  • I am still working on the various things that will help reduce my blood pressure naturally.  I have yet to become a drinker, I’m thinking of turning my guest room into a meditation room, and I’ve definitely got the dark chocolate thing down.

– the Goddess


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