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Forty Challenges For My 40th Year, Part Three

on April 16, 2013

I have to admit writing a bucket list was pretty easy because I could sit around and contemplate my navel and think of all of the things that I’ve ever wanted to do in life.  I did not set a specific time limit on my bucket list, other than the obvious one, so I could consider all the some days, and the maybes and the “gee wouldn’t it be cool to’s”.  My 40 challenges are more difficult because I plan on accomplishing them in one year and last I checked I had less than 11 months to go.  I also have to have a certain dose of reality in my challenges.  I’d like to try bungee jumping, but given my current size it’s unlikely a harness would fit me and given my current health it’s likely not a wise choice so some things have to get moved to the “nice idea, but not going to happen this year” pile.  Plus I am aiming to be more fit overall and I’ve already let knitting and reading sneak their ways onto the list.  Two things I love and which will help to relax me and help me deal with clutter which will indirectly affect my health,  but not exactly challenges for someone who would be quite content to knit and read for most of her waking hours.

The next 10 challenges in no particular order are:

21. Take An Aqua Cycle Course – I can’t decide if this is the coolest thing ever or the silliest thing ever, but essentially they put an exercise bike in the water and you peddle ( .  Since my biggest challenge is finding a bike seat that doesn’t hurt my bum this could be really good for me.  Of course I’m really buoyant so I’m a little concerned that I may actually float off the bike which definitely solves the sore bum issue, but could make keeping up with the class a bit of  a challenge.  If I do float away it will no doubt make for a funny story and you’ll be the first to know.

22. Take A Toronto Stroll – My friend Joanne gave me a book of Toronto walks for girlfriends (  I noticed a revised edition came out just a couple of weeks ago and I plan on writing a review of the book for you, but first I need to get out there and take a walk.

23. Organize My iPod With Timed Playlists For Walking And Meditation – When I bought my iPod a few years ago I justified it’s expense by telling myself that I would put upbeat music on it and start walking. I’ve decided that the reason I’ve yet to take a walk with my iPod is that it’s disorganized and the music needs to match my activity.  So I have listened to every song on it and marked them to identify songs which are fast, slow or need to be removed.  I will create playlists which group slow songs in to 10, 25 and 60 minute playlists for meditation and I will group the fast songs into 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute playlists for walking.  I get a little muddled when trying to organize my iPod, but I think I can manage this.

24. Review Forty Exercise DVD’s – This is roughly one per week until my year is up.  I have approximately 25 DVD’s that I haven’t reviewed yet and I’m putting out the word to friends to find the rest.

25. Create A Meditation Space – I occasionally have overnight guests, but not enough to justify keeping a room of my house specifically for that purpose.  I plan on listing my house this year, so I’m not sure if prospective buyers will appreciate a room full of pillows, but I will at least create a corner for meditation.

26. Stage A Forty Hour “Bed In” – While this sounds like a protest it’s really just a chance to recharge.  When I was a little kid my mom used to say that I was afraid of missing something.  I always wanted to know what was happening when the grown ups were still awake and I like to be up when the world is quiet, especially in the few hours before dawn.  This equates to limited sleep time, and even though I now get “better” sleep thanks to my CPAP machine I still struggle to go to bed at a decent hour.  I found an article recently that says that a lack of sleep can actually alter our genes and that by catching up regularly we can work to stave off the effects (  I plan to pick a weekend and starting at 6pm on the Friday I will go to bed.  I will get up to eat and such, but my main activities will be rest and sleep.  I can stretch and do some basic yoga like “Legs Up The Wall” which is exactly what it sounds like, meditate, drink plenty of water, knit and read.  I haven’t decided if I will permit the use of computers, tablets or cell phones during my bed in.  It would probably be better to ban them, but that could make for a long 40 hours.

27. Eat Seven Pieces Of Fruit Weekly – I realize this doesn’t seem like a difficult challenge, but I rarely eat fruit.  I am a texture eater so overly ripe fruit horrifies me and ripe or not I couldn’t eat a banana if you paid me.  Well maybe if the payout was significant, but seriously it would be a hardship.

28. Do My Own Pedicures – I work out and dance and stretch and all those good things, but I am not all that “bendy” so doing my own pedicures can be difficult when my back or hips are tight.  Stretching as part of my day-to-day routine is a bonus and it will save me some money.

29. Learn To Fly A Kite – I want to fly a big, beautiful kite.  I have no idea who to ask to help me with this, but I guess that is part of the challenge.

30. Take A Hike – My friends Fiona and Gary often take their kids hiking.  I have to say to me this holds all the excitement of walking, but with more stuff to trip over, but they seem to like it.  I’ve been invited to join them a few times, but I haven’t been free or haven’t worked very hard to make myself free.  This year I will find the time.

– the Goddess


4 responses to “Forty Challenges For My 40th Year, Part Three

  1. Amy says:

    Can we do the kite flying in Florida? Leah would like that.

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