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Forty Challenges For My 40th Year, Part Four

on April 19, 2013

I’ve struggled to come up with 40 challenges that are both doable and push my limits.  After 20 challenges I started to worry that I couldn’t come up with enough tasks that fit the criteria and that I truly could accomplish in the one year time limit.  Then as I started defining the last 10 tasks my difficulty became picking just 10.

The last 10 challenges in no particular order are:

31. Learn To Bowl – I’ve tried bowling, but I have no clue how to bowl.  I can’t seem to let go of the ball at the right time.

32. Write My Will – I have no obvious heirs and writing a will seems like a plan for dying, but it is the responsible thing to do and I’ve been putting it off for years.

33. Lie On The Beach – I’m going to be going back to Florida in June and my friends Amy and Leah are going to meet me there.  We are going to explore the local beaches and I’m going to lie out on a beach blanket just like the pretty people do.  I tend towards burning so I will be slathered in sun screen and likely under some sort of umbrella, but I’m going proudly lay out on the beach and let the world see my thighs.

34. Buy a Hula Hoop And Learn To Use It – In my quest to find activities that are fun and that will help me become fit I’ve decided to try hula hooping.  This is not the same as the thin plastic hoops found in a toy store, rather they are larger weighted hoops and there are a number of groups and gyms now incorporating hooping into their fitness activities.

35. Learn Poi – No not the dip, these are weighted balls on cord.  I talked to my friend Kelly who does poi and she suggested that I learn with “sock poi” or tennis balls in long socks.  There is a high possibility that I will brain myself several times before getting the hang of this activity, but it will look cool when I figure it out.

36. Pet a Horse  – Learning to ride a horse is on my bucket list, but I feel it’s not fair at my size and my friend Fiona was thrown from a horse and thinks that anyone who gets on one has a death wish, so I thought first I’d try to pet one and make friends with a horse.  I’ve never been up close to one and while I’m good with animals I’m not used to animals that are vastly bigger than I am.

37. Plant A Garden Oasis – I want to sell my house this year and part of getting it ready to sell is to make the gardens pretty.  Last year I injured my foot so I wasn’t able to do a lot of digging, but I did manage to rearrange the patio stones and put in steps to the back yard and do a few structural things.  This year will be about turning the soil and planting a lovely fragrant garden with solar lights and pretty doodads.  I hate gardening with all its dirt and physical strain, but it will be worth it to have a pretty place to sit out.

38. Make A Meal For My Boyfriend And Enjoy It In The Garden Oasis – This may not seem like a huge challenge, but my boyfriend is a foodie and has banned me from cooking for him.  I am allowed to make breakfast, but I must follow his specific instructions.  This may sound harsh, but I’m not a great cook because I tend to get distracted and I’m not good with timing everything to be ready at the same time.  I’m not sure what I will make, but I will plan it carefully, and get suggestions for a nice wine and we can enjoy it in my newly created Garden Oasis.

39. Find And Learn 40 Vegan Recipes – My aim at becoming vegan went off the rails a couple of months ago and while I try to incorporate more vegetables and less meat in my diet I still make the easy choices.  Part of this is convenience and part is coming up with interesting meal ideas.  I don’t want to get into vegan cheeses or mock tofu chicken, I just want simple, tasty dishes that I can whip up with a few ingredients on hand.

40. Take A Lesson At  A Pilates Studio – I have taken Pilates classes and while my form was ok I had difficulty holding positions, but I’ve watched some videos on YouTube of people working with Pilates reformers and I think I could handle that.

Now that my 40 challenges are set I need to start working on them.  I will post a page and keep you updated on my progress through the challenges and I will share pictures and stories about my experiences.

– the Goddess


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