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Not So Yar

on May 1, 2013

I want to learn to sail.

I want to be out on the open water with the wind in my hair, sporting a nautical sweater and deck shoes.

I want the sails to be trim and the boat to be yar.

I want to learn what that means.

I found lessons that seem affordable, and they say they are for all ages, but they made two things very clear.  One, I need to have a life jacket that fits and be able to swim 50 metres wearing it and two, I must be able to move and shift my weight quickly.  I have a feeling that since they are likely addressing the average sized crowd with that comment that it’s an issue for some people, so someone my size is probably going to have some serious issues including, but not limited to being clocked in the head with the boom.  I asked a colleague who sails what she thought of me taking sailing lessons and she paused and then politely and diplomatically told me that I might find it difficult.

I am not a quitter, but I have to admit that sailing lessons are not for me, at least not right now.  This is a little disappointing, and it muffs up one of my 40 challenges, but I shall put my efforts into preparing myself for sailing lessons for next summer.  Step one is keep working on me with eating right, yoga, swimming lessons and the like, the second part (and this will now become challenge #6) is to find a comfortable, affordable, plus sized life jacket.  If I ever found myself in a water emergency I would happily don one of those big, awkward, couch cushion with a key hole cut in the middle thingamabobs and float until someone scooped me out of the water, but seeing as I want to be able to wear this thing and well, ya know, move about and apparently move about quickly, then it needs to be lightweight and comfortable and allow me to maintain my normal range of motion.

A little searching on the interwebs and it seems that finding a jacket that fits is only part of my challenge.  I had no idea there were so many styles and that they were designed for different activities.  I realize in hindsight that sounds a little simple of me not to recognize this, but seriously I had no idea.  I am thinking that one that inflates might be the way to go so that it limits the amount of bulk, but I will need to do some research and contemplate the pros and cons of which I know none at this time.  The irony is that I’m really buoyant.  Not so much so that I would risk going out on the water without one since I realized on my trip to the lake this summer that I’m not as comfortable in cold, wavy water as I thought I would be, but I float really, really well.

Now to research stores which sell life jackets and have good customer service.

– the Goddess


One response to “Not So Yar

  1. Jen says:

    Sailing is wonderful. I got to experience it twice when I went to Florida and have been longing to do it again.

    Anything that I can help you with to achieve your goal of sailing, let me know and I will try my level best to lend a hand. 🙂

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