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98…99…100. One Hundred Posts Muahahahaha!

on May 6, 2013

My Count von Count impression doesn’t translate well to the written word, but I think you can figure out that this is a big deal for me.  When I started this blog I knew I had some things I wanted to say and I thought it would be a good platform for reviewing plus size products which all too often I find are either difficult to source or of poor quality.  I haven’t done a lot of product reviews and I’ve focused a lot of my energy on work out DVD’s, but that’s mostly because I’ve bought a lot of them in hopes of finding ones that cater to the physical abilities of a supersized woman.

What I didn’t expect when I started blogging was the unwavering support of my friends. Many of my friends do not have weight issues and yet they still read my blog regularly and often suggest topics or send me articles of interest.  Of course occasionally I forget and tell a friend an anecdote that I blogged about, but they always listen politely and wait for me to figure out that they already know the punch line.

I’m most thankful to my friends for their reaction to my 40 Challenges. Not only have my friends supported the idea but they have rallied and I have had several offers to assist me with my challenges.  Just last night my friend Sara offered to help me with hula hooping, karaoke, befriending a horse and kite flying while lying about on the beach.  She suggested we let it all hang out on the beach at Hanlan’s Point, but I think my white thighs are scary enough for passersby. Vicki has offered to photograph me, take me on a hike, and teach me how to fly a kite, and when I go to Florida next month, Amy and Leah will be joining me in my pursuit of bowling, more beach time, and hopefully more kite flying.  I really had no idea my friends were such avid kite enthusiasts.  Fiona will be joining me when I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and she will be taking me on a Toronto walk, dragging me along on a hike, helping me review exercise DVD’s and suggesting vegan recipes for me to learn.  Jen has offered to assist me in my pursuit of sailing, Jenette has offered her gardening skills and Don will be helping me with my golf game, though if memory serves I volun-told him to help me with that challenge, but he’s a good sport about it.

I’m not sure what the next 100 posts will look like, but I know that there will be posts about my progress through the challenges, more product reviews and hopefully some guest blogging.  I will rant a bit, laugh a bit and quite possibly cry a bit and I hope you’ll join me.

– the Goddess


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