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Let The Girls Free, Maybe. . .

on May 14, 2013

Not so long ago I finally found a bra style that is comfortable.  As a girl who is more back than boob the back minimizer style fits like a glove and gives a decent shape without rolling, pinching and leaving painful red marks and welts after a day’s wearing.  In fact my new bras are so comfortable that I often wear them from early morning to late evening when before I could barely get in the door before I’d rip off my bra.  In university when I had late classes I would actually wiggle myself free while driving home.  I worried that not wearing a bra would lead to premature sagging from micro tears that can arise from not wearing a bra.  But alas, now that I’ve found a bra that I can actually wear for 18 hours a day, there is new research that indicates that wearing a bra may actually lead to premature sagging  (

According to the research breast tissue degrades as wearing a bra inhibits the growth of breast tissue.  Bra wearing also contributes to poor posture and muscle tone.  The research is preliminary and researchers aren’t advocating bra burning en masse, but they do report that the women in the study who did not wear bras experienced  a nipple lift (towards the shoulder) of 7mm per year, firmer breasts and fading stretch marks.

I have no plans to suddenly go bra-less all day. after all the researchers are quick to point out that the findings are preliminary and there is a social stigma to letting it all hang out, especially for a fat girl who doesn’t want to giggle any more than usual for fear of being seen as sloppy or slovenly. but around the house I’m going to let the girls loose and while I don’t expect miracles I do hope that 20 years from now I won’t have to tuck them in my pants before I go out.

– the Goddess



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