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Product Review 0005 – The Lotte Berk Method, Basic Essentials

on May 24, 2013


I’ve done this video once and I’ve watched it three times now and I just don’t get it.

From what I can tell, the Lotte Berk Method, developed by Lydia Bach and named for a Russian dancer Lotte Berk, who has a rehab exercise studio in London, helps to create lean muscle through small, precise movements.  According to the review on it incorporates elements of modern and classical dance, orthopedic back exercises and Hatha yoga.

Basic Essentials is just that.  It’s about 30 minutes long and it goes through a handful of basic movements and stretches.  There were several things I didn’t like about this video or at the very least did not make me feel like this was a good fit for me.  The participants were using short, free standing barres and they did say that one could use a sturdy support that was roughly the same height, but this involved me wandering around my house looking for a chair that was the right height midway through the video.  The instructor was pleasant and spoke clearly, but I found her condescending and annoying and the three participants looked like professional dancers.  I don’t think that participants in an exercise video have to look like me and in fact I hope they don’t, but these women were long and lean ectomorphs and as hard as I might try my stocky endomorph frame is never going to look like the long, lithe bodies portrayed in this video and it made me think that this method is not for just any one.

I am giving The Lotte Berk Method, Basic Essentials 5 goddesses out of 10 because it won’t kill you, and it’s not overly taxing to do, but I’ve already put my copy in the donation pile.

– the Goddess


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