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Let’s Go Fly A Kite, Up To The Highest Height. . .

on July 1, 2013

I did it!  I flew a kite!  And I’m good at it!  It’s not that hard actually, but let’s not detract from my glee!

Amy and Leah brought kites to Florida and showed me how to use them when we went to the beach at Pass A Grille.

This is me with the long tailed kite going strong.


This is me giving Leah a smooch of thanks for showing me how to launch and fly a kite.  I had no idea the depths of her knowledge and talent.


And this is the three of us, though by this point I’d handed off the kites to the more seasoned flyers as all that looking up puts quite the kink in one’s neck.


I even bought my own kite on their last day with me so it’s still in the package, but when I get it up I will definitely take pictures.

You’ll also notice that we flew the kites on the beach thus completing two of my challenges.  I was in the water and proudly walked across the beach in my swim suit, I sat on the towel and dried myself off before donning my cover up and I even showed a little leg.


And of course the girls thought it was hysterical that I was knitting on the beach.


– the Goddess


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