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Pinterest, You Seductive Bitch

on July 10, 2013

As much time as I spend on the internet it may surprise you to know that I am not particularly good at “surfing”.  I get the concept, look up something of interest, click a link, maybe look on Wikipedia for more information, find another interesting link, and ride the wave for potentially hours.  I am a curious person by nature, but I am very wary of most things I read on line and unless someone is a well respected expert on a particular subject I’m unlikely to read what they have to say.  I also prefer items I can read as opposed to the numerous videos one finds online because I tend to be impatient and I distrust most news and video sources, not because I think that what they report is untrue necessarily, but because all too often they sensationalize the mundane in order to grab our attention.

And then there is Pinterest.

I learned about Pinterest from my boyfriend, an avid surfer, who noticed that I didn’t quite have the hang of this internet thing.  I had never heard of the site and then when I went into it I was told that I had to be invited to become a member.  I was surprised by this, but those Pinterest people know what they are doing, because suddenly I wanted in.  I wanted access to this marvelous world of boards and pinning.  I wasn’t even sure I understood the concept, but being held at bay made its allure even more intoxicating, more seductive.  And then I got my email.  I was now able to ooh and ahh at pictures of places I’d never been, crafts I’d never seen and decadent recipes filled with gourmet ingredients like Nutella, Velveeta and Ketchup.

My first few pins were tentative and I often pinned to the wrong boards in error putting a no bake cookie recipe on a craft board or pinning a gardening idea to fashion, but soon I got the hang of it and I created new boards that spoke to me and represented me and I pinned, oh how I pinned.

I found fun and pithy sayings like this:

And I learned to follow the pins back to the original websites instead of just pinning from other pinners because then I would have the original instructions or information and not just a picture of a great idea without explanation.  I searched through Pinterest, I went from one pin to another, from one pinner’s boards to another, and I realized that finally I was doing it, I was surfing.  The joy, the bliss, to finally feel a part of this marvel called the internet, to finally have learned how to spend hours of my time staring at a screen, making note of destinations I can’t afford to go to, clothes I’ll likely never wear and crafts I’d never find the time to do since after all I spend hours looking for more and more pins to pin.


I’ve painted a bleak picture of Pinterest, since after all some of my friends, like Fiona,  do actually make or at least attempt several of the projects and craft ideas on their boards, but for me, at least so far, Pinterest is a colossal time waster and visual pacifier.  Just what every fat girl needs, another excuse to be sedentary.  Like my own personal Mirror of Erised ( Pinterest allows me to dream of homes I could own, vacations I could go on, dinner parties I could throw, but it hasn’t yet shown me how I can afford any of these things.  Unless of course you count the budget friendly meals that are typically some variation of canned soup, tatter tots and shredded cheese.  There are boards about fitness, yoga, healthy recipes, keeping active and the like, but much like the exotic vacations I only dream about, sticking a picture of someone doing yoga to my  board isn’t quite the same as getting on the mat.

It’s not Pinterest’s fault.  They have a product and it’s my choice how many hours I involve myself with that product.  And if I had the gumption I could try some of those exercise routines or learn a new, healthy recipe, and to be quite honest while I’ve been sick and effectively quarantined it’s given me a way to pass the time, but just like Harry Potter I need to stop seeking it out and live my life in real time, rather than wasting away in a world of what ifs.

– the Goddess


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