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Random Thoughts On A Steamy Hot Thursday Evening

on July 18, 2013

It’s hot, it’s damn hot, and Toronto is now officially in a heat wave.  I would define that for you, something about the temperature being 32 degrees Celsius or 90 degrees Fahrenheit for three or more consecutive days, but it turns out that there is no official international definition of a heat wave, it’s just something that apparently we all agreed on ya know while sitting around bitching about the heat or something.  Being sick, the summer is passing me by and that is upsetting on many levels, but I do have to admit that days like today are better spent in my climate controlled Hobbit hole rather than braving the elements and worrying about sweating through my skirt in an obvious way.

  • I was asked to guest blog for the Outlier Collective ( and tomorrow it will be posted.  It was both exciting and intimidating to write for another and I hope I will have more opportunities to do so in the future
  • Tomorrow I see a cardiologist.  I’m still working under the assumption that I have a lung infection that is just taking a long time to clear up and that this appointment is unnecessary, but there is a part of me which is becoming more anxious as this drags on and hopefully if nothing else tomorrow’s appointment will allay those fears
  • My friend Joanne is a beautiful soul and I want the world to know it.  On Tuesday she came over, graciously ignored the mess of my Hobbit hole and took out my garbage.  People are busy, they have lives and kids and I get that, but all too often we send a text and make vague offers of help or tell people to hang in there or ask them to keep us in the loop, but we don’t really do anything.  The next time someone you know is sick I challenge you do more than write “hugs” on their Facebook page.  I challenge you to be proactive and offer to walk their dog or take out their garbage or make them a casserole.  Your efforts will more than likely be politely refused, but it’s about making the effort. Lest you think this is some sort of admonishment, I am giving myself the same challenge
  •  I really am glad that I am not braving the heat right now.  Fat people struggle with weather like this not only because we carry more weight, we do that daily, but because we tend to have folds and extra wobbly bits and we can develop heat rash in some unfortunate areas.  Some swear that talc or baby powder is the answer, personally I prefer unscented cream or lotion on the affected areas.  Whatever works for you is best, but please be proactive.  Walking around chafing and sweating is tantamount to torture in my experience.  And please whatever your size give yourself permission to wear a tank top.  Your arms are fine and even if you disagree wearing long sleeves in this weather is tortuous and looks more ridiculous than a bit of arm waddle

– the Goddess


One response to “Random Thoughts On A Steamy Hot Thursday Evening

  1. Good luck with the cardiologist tomorrow and stay cool in the hobbit hole as much as possible.

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