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I Don’t Talk Numbers

on August 7, 2013

Occasionally people ask me how much I weigh and I politely refuse to tell.  Some friends have attempted to brow beat me into telling them my weight and typically they use the argument that “it’s just a number, and it doesn’t matter.”  I whole heartedly agree.  It’s just a number, so why do you want to know so badly?

In terms of my size, I’m wysiwyg. What you see is what you get and knowing the number doesn’t change that.  My friend Sara disagrees.  She has no problem telling someone what she weighs and she feels that that empowers her.  In fact the first time we went out for dinner together she just sort of blurted it out.  I can respect her position, but I’m still not telling.

If I weigh 80 or 800 pounds it doesn’t matter.  What matters is whether or not I can participate in my life the way I choose.  If I can take care of myself and live life the way I want to then my weight is not an issue.  Currently I weigh more than I want to and I am working to reduce my weight, but more importantly I am working to increase my strength and flexibility, protect my joints, and improve my heart health. The number on the scale is related to those pursuits, but it is not the only factor.

And seriously if I did give out the number, the conversation can really only go one of two ways.  Either you are going to say “Wow! I can’t believe you weigh THAT much!” or “Gee, I thought you weighed more than that.”  Neither of these scenarios is flattering.  Neither of these scenarios is going to help me feel better about myself so I am going to remain mum.

– the Goddess


6 responses to “I Don’t Talk Numbers

  1. I completely agree with you, and even more so on clothing size. Weight, at least, is standard. Clothing sizes vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so the real question isn’t what size is it, but does it fit.

    • Really though weight isn’t standard, The number is, but dependent on one’s height and how they carry their weight they can look very different. Think about the size charts on pantyhose. I can fit the in the range on the back of the package, but being bottom heavy I might as well just put my thumb through them and toss them in the bin instead of 20 minutes of struggling and dancing about my room resulting in the same outcome.

  2. Pantyhose were invented by the devil!! lol How rude to ask someone their weight!!

  3. I don’t want to think about the size chart on pantyhose. They hurt my brain. I don’t see why I need a slide rule to figure out my size in the stetchiest thing I am ever likely to wear! Absolutely some sort of plot by the devil I agree.

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