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Going Tribal

on August 10, 2013

This morning I went to a workshop on American Tribal Style Belly dance taught by the lovely Sherry.

Unlike the Egyptian belly dancing that I’ve been taking this last year, this style of dance is more organic and must be done in a group of two or more dancers.  Each dance is not particularly  choreographed and instead everyone is watching and following a lead dancer, who dependent on stage position can change during a dance routine, sometimes several times.  Much like birds flying en masse the dancers must be aware of the movements of each performer in the ensemble so that they appear to be completely in sync.

Photo Credit

It was explained that there are specific movements or cues that the dancers learn and they also become very aware of each other in order to pick up on body language that will tell them which way a dancer is going to move.  For someone like me who is more an engineer than an artist the unplanned nature of this style is a bit daunting, and yet I really enjoyed myself today.  The costumes are also very different in this style and today I got to wear a blue and white creation of large wool tassels that was chosen for me since the blue matched my outfit.  I liked the big tassels and I liked that the belt fit me with a bit of room to spare, but I did have to laugh at myself a bit because not long after we started dancing I realized that for all intents and purposes it looked like several Smurfs were hanging from my waist and bouncing off my bum.

For now I will stick with the Egyptian style of belly dance, but I would definitely like to try the Tribal style again one day.

– the Goddess


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