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Goofing For The Camera

on August 13, 2013

Back in February I found this post and it changed my attitude about having my picture taken.  I have had some great shots done over the years, for instance my high school graduation picture is stunning and I like the photo that is on the About The Goddess page, but generally I shy away from the camera and anyone aiming one at me.  My father always wanted to take my picture, and finally after years of me dodging his camera he told me that if I would prefer it he would only take my picture from the shoulders up.  I still refused, but now that he’s gone I regret that decision because it would be nice to have more photos of my father and me.

As part of my 40 Challenges I decided that I would challenge myself to sitting for a photo shoot and my friend Vicki has offered to help me with this.   Our schedules haven’t meshed yet, but in anticipation of that shoot my friend Sara took some pictures of me when we were hanging out last weekend.  There were several of me lounging on a couch and it’s only right that I am totally honest and admit that I chose not to share the majority of them because I didn’t like how the pictures showed off my tummy rolls, and the one that you do see below is cropped so you can only see my face.  The others were in soft light and unfortunately didn’t come out as clearly as I would like, but I liked my face in them and hopefully you can see the fun I was having posing for them.

Cynthia Photo 001 Cynthia Photo 002 Cynthia Photo 003 Cynthia Photo 004 Cynthia Photo 005

– the Goddess


5 responses to “Goofing For The Camera

  1. Your spirit shines in these photos! Thanks for sharing them and allowing yourself to have some fun with them.

  2. Jen says:

    I adore all of these. I especially love that smile of yours. 🙂 ♥

  3. Aw shucks 🙂 Thanks everybody!

  4. Those are great pictures!

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