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Random Thoughts While My Bum Is In The Sugar Bowl

on August 15, 2013

I tried googling that expression, but it seems it is unique to my family.  My maternal grandfather had a lot of interesting expressions, many of which are too salty for me to repeat here, which makes them that much funnier to me since my grandfather was a kind and proper Quaker gentleman who kept bees in his backyard and bribed his neighbours with comb honey to keep his secret.  Essentially to have one’s bum in the sugar bowl means that everything is going your way and life is sweet.  I’ve had a good few days and after the last six or so weeks I’m appreciating the good fortune.

  • I was contacted by which is Australia’s largest independent women’s website. They want to re-publish I Wanna Hold Your Hand which was published by The Outlier Collective in July. Being asked to guest blog for the The Outlier Collective was really exciting and a treat to do. Being asked permission to re-publish on a major website is quite frankly thrilling. I will let you know when it’s posted.
  • I’ve started dating again.  Nothing like spending time with someone who is keen to see your underpants to help heal the heart and the self esteem.
  • I’m feeling better.  I’m back at work full time and while I will miss my afternoon naps and I still tire easily it’s nice to be able to say good or fine when someone asks how I’m doing instead of wondering if they really want to hear what’s going on with me.  I’m also still in awe of people who handle breathing difficulties and chronic illness.  It’s exhausting, frustrating, boring and most of all lonely.
  • I went to the drug store and my make up and the few other things I needed were on sale, I went to look at shoes and the ones I wanted were marked down so low I had to double check the price, and then I went to the Pennington’s Warehouse near me and I asked if they had any bathing suit bottoms and she told me that she had some in my size in the back and they were marked down to a DOLLAR a pair, the regular price is fifty dollars.  Yes, that’s right, read that part over again because absolutely it’s unbelievable.  I bought twenty pairs and she was happy to get rid of them. Apparently people don’t buy as many bottoms as they do tops so they have surplus each year.
  • When I went to get my medical forms signed to go back to work full time she took my blood pressure and it was thirty points lower than the worst reading so she’s changed up my meds a bit and it renews my hope that I will soon be able to come off them completely.

I then went and bought a lottery ticket.  Likely that will change my luck, but a girl can dream.

– the Goddess


4 responses to “Random Thoughts While My Bum Is In The Sugar Bowl

  1. Congrats to you on the publishing offer, and on all the great bargains!! 🙂 Oh, and on someone wanting to see your knickers too! lol

  2. So glad to hear all the bits and pieces of good news!

  3. That is such a great expression. I’m glad you’re feeling better, I have been sick on and off for the past 18 months and it is really frustrating. I’m hoping to be bale to get back to work soon, at least part-time.
    P.S. I found your blog via the article on Mamamia, so here’s to your future Aussie readers!

  4. My grandfather was an interesting man 🙂 Thanks for reading. I’m so glad I’ve had this opportunity to reach a broader audience, the response has been really positive. I hope you’re feeling better soon and as I am learning please be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to heal. All too often we rush back into the thick of our lives and do ourselves more harm.

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